What to Wear for Valentines Day(Night): Layered in Love

What to wear for Valentines Day

Photography by: Jamaal D. Lathan

What to wear for Valentines Day

As freshly lit candles lit an almost dark room, soft jazz filled my listening ear, and love chatter echoed off of the walls, I sat at a corner seat of the bar, exchanged currency for a pink martini with the bartender and sipped cute, pinky in air, while I waited for him to arrive. I saw lovers stray in, in pairs and separately, requesting the assuming presence of their significant other at the hostess station.

What to wear for Valentines Day

As I sipped my drink, I admired the decor: Crisp white linen draped every table, gold thick drapery hung from a high ceiling and gathered on the floor, grand steps with candles in glass candle holders lit each corner of the wide steps that led the way to additional booth seating. This area featured a glass wall that swirled around the upper area and overlooked the round sushi bar that was circumferenced with marble facing. Sushi chefs created tasty plates over an open grill and guests picked their portions from a glass case that was located directly in front of where they sat.

What to wear for Valentines Day

Each seating space served as its own little love cocoon, perfectly set with shining silverware and branded chopstick sleeves. The overhead lighting was a mixture of carefully placed inset lights, as well as these ornate hanging and floor lamps that resembled a majestic sea creature swimming through an open sea. The lighting was set on a timer, so ever so often the dimly lit room got even darker and suggested that romance was in order.

What to wear for Valentines Day

I fidgeted with my clothes, checked my lipstick and readjusted my chair so that I could see him as he entered. I picked up my martini to take a sip and in a matter of seconds, a handsome gentleman was standing in front of me with a seductive smile. I was ecstatic…now I could eat, lol!

What to wear for Valentines Day

The ambiance is set, your love’s just arrived and he admires you from head to toe, what are you wearing???

I’ve created the perfect setting for a Valentines Day night for you and your man. Single ladies, if you’ve missed my first post about Valentines Day ideas for you, visit here to read about some cute things to get into and of course an idea of what you can wear. For my girls who have a man, this one is for you…

What to wear for Valentines Day

We all want to be sexy and exude our womanly charm on a romantic Valentines night, so here’s how I’d choose to depict that through my outfit of choice.

I chose to wear a look that included the color red because it’s my power color and since discovering how great it looked on my skin tone, I’ve been basking in the color ever since. I decided upon a form-fitting, hi-waisted, midi length skirt that was the base piece for my look. I built around this piece by adding in a long duster cardigan with large pockets and decided to wear this as a top.

My reasoning behind this comes from the cardigan being a casual piece. Since this is more of a dressy occasion, I transformed the look and feel of the garment by incorporating skin to bridge the gap between casual, sexy and dressy. I decided on the rust color because warm colors look best on my skin tone and when paired with red, another warm color, it created a sultry and seductive look.

I belted the cardigan with an orange belt with bronze hardware detailing to give the look interest and accessorized with a layered pair of colored and textured leather earrings, as well as an orange leather and brown calf hair clutch. To pull the turquoise from my ear candy, I adorned my hands with a large turquoise stone ring and wore my favorite tiger striped shoes for added texture and style.

What to Wear for Valentines Day

Here’s a couple of extra styling tips for your look.

  • If you want to keep it sexy, form-fitting items are always a good choice. It creates a nice silhouette for you to be your man’s eye candy
  • I usually like to wear a dress or jumpsuit because it’s easier and you only have to worry about accessories to complete your look, but if you’re creating a full look and showing a little skin, balance the amount of skin you show with a well-covered piece
  • If you’re about an effortlessly chic look, add in flirty details. These little style characteristics can take your outfit from drab to fab.
  • If you’re struggling with a color to wear and you’re not a fan of pink or red, black is always elegant and timeless. You can focus your color within your makeup with a poppin’ red lip or a bold shoe. If you want to wear color, choose a color that best suits your skin tone. Even in a dim light room, you’ll be a beacon of light
  • Draping fabrics like silk, chiffon or satin create a feminine and alluring look. You can choose a basic dress that has a draping neckline and it creates tons of interest
  • I think the sexiest part of a woman’s body is the decollete’.  If you’re ok with showing this, look for off the shoulder pieces and dust your chest with a nice golden or champagne bronzer or highlight based on your skin tone
  • I feel like you should already know this, but high heels are in order. Wear them and strut!

What to wear for Valentines Day

I hope these tips have been helpful in deciding on the perfect look for the perfect night. The holiday is vastly approaching, so if you’re in the Houston area and you’re in need of personalized help styling your look, visit my Wardrobe Services and pick the Personal Styling or Personal Shopping package. If you’re out of state, my Virtual Styling Package offers a great option for you to consider due to time constraints.

What to wear for Valentines Day

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Cardigan wore as top: Zara (same item in other colors here, a similar style in similar color here)Belt: Thrifted / Earrings: Handmade by a jewelry designer. Find her here/ Skirt: theclothingbar (old, similar style here) / Bag: custom made lovecortnie / Shoes: JustFab (old)


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