Personal Styling

Personal Styling

What image are you portraying to the world? Is it one that you’re proud of and reflects you at your absolute best? If you could elevate your image to something that reflected you at your highest self, what would it look and feel like? Maybe you’ve already identified your personal style choices and you just need a little more expert style direction in bringing that elevation to the forefront. You may have the perfect vision and image of what you desire to look like, but you can’t quite seem to visually pull your ideas together to your desired caliber of styling.

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  • Aesthetically provide you with looks that elevate your style, pertaining to your new style direction, suitable style colors, budget, body type, and specified event
  • Save you time and money with your personal stylist extending key fashion knowledge and style expertise
  • Relieve the stress and worry of future shopping excursions by providing you with a clear visual of your style direction 
  • Discover the hidden style in your closet and help you restyle, reinvent and recreate outfits to meet your desired style image
  • Uncover your style truths and develop a style formula that can be easily referred to and utilized in your style elevation

If you…

  • Have a special event, photoshoot, or occasion that you’re attending and you have to look your absolute best
  • Have no time to effectively shop due to hectic work or life schedule
  • Have a bunch of clothes, but have no idea how to put them together to meet your desired style aesthetic
  • Are bored with your wardrobe and need a fresh pair of eyes to create some new and exciting looks
  • Desire to save money by working with your current wardrobe
  • Have an amazing idea of a custom garment but need more style and body appropriate advice and an expert team to bring your vision to life
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The Personal Styling Service package will give you the ultimate celebrity treatment experience! With your choice of how you would like to enhance your personal style, you’ll experience a journey of inward to outward style elevation. Envision yourself, confidently dressed, making appearances, teaching, coaching, encouraging, leading the life of the ultimate girl BOSS, and feeling absolutely confident and secure in the way that you were presenting yourself to the world! Get ready to turn heads with selected looks that will be styled according to your important occasion or event! **Service intended for Houston and surrounding area residents. Travel service upon request with an additional travel fee.**

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Closet Full of Clothes?

The Garb Within

Your excessive shopping habits have led you to a closet full of clothes,  but without a clear style direction on how you wish to really look and feel. There’s nothing better than shopping your closet full of gems to create new outfits. The Garb Within will give you a fresh look at your wardrobe, educate you on what pieces are working and what’s not and inspire you to want to get dressed in the morning. If you desire to save money and utilize maximization as your main style ingredient, The Grab Within provides you with the knowledge and tools to effectively shop and style your closet.

Attending an Event or Being Photographed?

The Styled Garb

You’ve just received an invitation to appear on a popular T.V show, to attend that exclusive wedding, to host or be a panelist of that Women’s Networking brunch or you’ve scheduled a photo shoot for an important moment in your life. The Styled Garb will provide you with 1 to 2 looks to conquer the task at hand stylishly!

Need a Look all your Own?

The Custom Garb

You have an amazing idea for the perfect outfit. You set out to locate it, only to come back empty-handed, disappointed and unmoved by the off the rack items available. Do you just give up?? Of course, not! Let The Her Guiltless Garb Brand design that one of a kind, personalized piece and work with her design team to bring your dream garment to life!

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The Garb Within
The Styled Garb
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