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How ya’ll feeling out there? For my subscribers it’s Sunday, so I hope that you’re taking some time to indulge in some much needed self care today. I have a scheduled self care routine that I’ll be partaking in later this evening. I’ve got my body and skin care favorites on deck, and I’m ready to spoil myself heavy. If you missed last week’s newsletter where I spilled the tea on what’s currently in my beauty cabinet, and some of my skincare and body favs, you may just want to check your email to get caught up. There are special discounts available for you to shop and save my exclusive favs with some dope skincare brands. If you’re not subscribed, shame on you, lol. If you don’t want to miss out on the next newsletter, click here to get on the list. It’s pretty dope if I do say so myself. If you love exclusive style, fashion and beauty tips galore, curated style picks for you to directly shop, and a heaping healthy dose of what’s new and popping with HGG, you’ll love it! Plus, you get a FREE mini style guide just for signing up and joining me. Win win if you ask me. If you’re still not sold, and you’re being bitter, lol, guess what? I’ll still share some of the goods with ya. Because my mama raised me right, you can still get in on shopping and saving money with the brands that I personally use daily and weekly! Click here and scroll down to the bottom to get your shop on with exclusive discounts. No need to thank me, God is blessing!

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This past week, I had a semi full plate. I just finished up a new client, I’m in the middle of completing another one, and I just pre booked an entrepreneur duo a few days ago. 2021 is off to a great start, and I look forward to expanding my gifts worldwide! If I’m being honest, I’m not great at everything. But you knew that, right? I’ve been planning and strategizing ways for me to elevate my skills in areas that I suck, lol. Being an entrepreneur definitely is quite a task. On many levels, I’m stressed, but on many levels I’m also grateful. Have you ever been fired before? Yeah, if you have, you know the feeling and you know that if the firing was unwarranted, it’s even worse. Never again will I hear, “You’re fired,” or, “We have to let you go.” And that’s on what…PERIODT!!! Cheers to another year of stressful yet rewarding entre-freaking-preneurship! Now, I know what you’re all here for…the look, right? If you’re here to hear what I have to say as well, I love you. Thank you for appreciating all of the facets of me. Writing is definitely an essential piece of Britney. If you came to just check out the look, I guess I love you too, lol. No, but seriously, I love and appreciate you because you just may think I’m kinda dope, so I mess witcha, lol. Here we go…

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I don’t get to layer that much in Houston, because it’s Houston, lol. I definitely took full advantage of the opportunity when the temperatures were cold enough for breath smoke. You know what I’m talking about. You know when you go outside, blow wind from your mouth or talk and smoke comes out of your mouth? Yeah, that, lol. I decided to restyle this oversized jumpsuit with a few other layers for a look of eclectic proportion. Now, let’s peel back the layers and get a little detailed…I first started with this blue, cream and red striped button down. You’ve seen me style this at least twice already. It’s a staple piece in my wardrobe, so I style it quite often. On top, I threw on a black and white patterned blazer that I thrifted a while back. I wanted my neck to display dimension, so I made sure to pull out all of the collars of each piece. I accessorized with a pair of gold chain hoop earrings and a Christian Dior button necklace from my sisters brand Bee Luxury Co. If you haven’t shopped her brand, you’re missing out on exclusive and quality jewelry pieces that you can’t get anywhere else. You should support her brand. Not because she’s my sister, but because she’s a young, black entrepreneur that’s curated a luxury brand at an affordable price. She’s currently having a SALE, and I don’t know how long that it’s going to last. Don’t sleep! Click here to shop.

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I finished the look off with a vintage triple layered chain belt and a pair of red pumps. What do you think about the look? Leave your comments below! I look forward to chatting with you in the comment section that’s mostly dry, lol. Seriously though, don’t be shy. I’ll respond to you. I think that this look is perfect for an eclectic corporate office look or showing up fly as hell on your zoom meeting. If you’re looking for more personalized help on styling or restyling your favorite pieces, then definitely check out my Personal Styling: The Garb Within Package. If you’re not in Houston, check out the Virtual Closet Edit here. Interested in something else?? Check out my full list of services that I offer here. If you need to chat first, I got you! Schedule your FREE 15 min. Garb Chat here. Until next time, be Guiltless about your Garb!

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Style Tip of the Week

When deciding to style a layered look, remember that having dimension in your outfit is important. If you’re just layering to stay warm and nothing else, this isn’t for you, but if you’re layering to stay warm and fly, keep reading…When stylishly layering, you want to be able to see each layered piece in your look. Keep in mind your color scheme, prints and or patterns, and lengths to add depth. If two pieces are too similar in color, pattern or length, you won’t be able to achieve the standout outcome that you desire.

Her Guiltless Garb

Jumpsuit: Philthy Ragz (sold out in tan but in denim here) / Button down: Zara (super old) / Blazer: thrifted / Chain belt: Vintage / Pumps: Steve Madden / Jewelry: Bee Luxury Co

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