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Do your visuals tell your personal brand story or are you still using stock photos to depict your visual message? Do your visuals entice potential customers or clients to inquire about your product, or do they make them click off of your page faster than they found you? Do your visuals clearly and effectively evoke the experience that your customer or client will receive when utilizing your products or services for the first time? Think about it. What do you think that potential customers or clients are saying about your visuals? As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand you and I can identify with the struggle of positioning yourself in the right way to attract the right client. That’s why HGG developed the Visual Conceptualization package. A package that helps you visually depict one of your most proudest accomplishments through dynamic visuals and photography.

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Visual Conceptualization

The Visual Conceptualization Package is an all inclusive creative direction pass for your brand or business. It allows you to work with HGG as your creative director to visually create your ideal brand vision and storyline through the avenue of a photo shoot. This package uncovers and outlines every detail of your brand, strategically utilizes your usp as a visual marketing tool, creates and orchestrates your unique set design, curates the perfect brand highlight shots, discovers and fulfills your concept or theme, and ultimately presents your brand baby in a dynamic light.

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The “Her” or “Red” Brand Package (The “Red” package is virtual only)

The “Her’ or “Red” Brand Package is perfect for, but is not limited too, entrepreneurs with starter or entry brands. You may be in your first few months or first year of your business, and may not have necessarily invested into the best photography starting out. You may be seeking a more well thought out brand visual plan to steer your visuals in a more elevated direction. This package still gives you the visual conceptualization experience, but also allows you the opportunity to be more hands on without all of the extra bells and whistles.


The “Guiltless” Brand Package

The “Guiltless” Brand Package is perfect for, but not limited too, entrepreneurs who may have been in business for two to five years. You may be experiencing a stage where you feel like your brand could use a little more creative direction, and could benefit from a visual rebrand or an update. This package will accomodate your needs, and allow you to get more direction and assistance from your creative director.


The “Garb” or “Gold” Brand Package (The “Gold” package is virtual only)

The “Garb” or “Gold” Brand Package is perfect for, but is not limited too, entrepreneurs who have been in business for over 4 years. You’ve pretty much found a good rhythm that works, and has been successful in attracting the right clients to your business. However, you may be seeking creative direction for a specific collection or upcoming season. This package will allow you to take a load off and allow your creative director to have all hands on deck. Your brand will get the full visual conceptualization experience, and your Personal Stylist will style you from head to toe.

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