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Who said that having personalized styling and wardrobe options from your very own Personal Stylist every month was only for celebrities? It’s a new age and NOW, you too can experience the celebrity wardrobe and styling experience. Get ready to walk into that next level of “HER!”

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The Garb Membership is an exclusive membership for powerful and proactive entrepreneurs, professionals and women who desire an ongoing styling approach to their wardrobes, but don’t have the time to dedicate to curating ideal looks for themselves. This membership allows you to receive multiple personalized looks per month, that are aligned with your lifestyle, reflective of your career goals and prepare you for stepping into any room with elite confidence! These looks will be shopped based on YOUR individual style needs, will be accompanied with direct shopping links to easily shop and style your pieces, or inclusive of pieces directly from your wardrobe that you need help styling.

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Once you select your preferred membership plan, click the button below the monthly payment to agree to the membership terms. After you have filled out the membership terms form and have submitted it, you can pay for your membership plan via the payment buttons underneath the membership prices. Once paid, your subscription will start immediately. Depending on when your sign up date is, you can book your Garb Chat any day between the dates allotted. After your garb Chat is booked, following instructions will be sent to you via email within a few minutes. There are ONLY a set number of slots available for each membership plan, so if you’re interested, DON’T DELAY!

Here’s a Recap of what your first month will look like:

  1. Select your preferred membership plan.
  2. Click the Membership terms agreement button below your selected membership plan, and fill out the form.
  3. Pay for your membership. Your subscription will then start.
  4. Book your Garb Chat through the link on this page.
  5. Once you’re Garb Chat is booked, you will receive an email within 3 minutes with further instructions.
  6. Fill out the Personal Style Questionnaire and submit it.
  7. Get started on your Garb Board
  8. We’ll perform your Garb Chat
  9. Wait to get your personalized looks + Garb board sent directly to your inbox! Then we’ll repeat steps 4, 8 & 9 for the remaining months in your membership plan. If you are in the 3 month membership plan, we’ll complete step 9 each month until your membership is over.
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Getting The Gist

Membership Terms

After my first payment, when will I be charged again?

All membership plans will run on a recurring payment system. Your card on file will be automatically charged once every month from the initial sign up date. This payment plan will continue until your entire membership has been completely paid for.

When do I need to request my edits in order to receive them by the last day?

All edits must be requested no more than 2 days after your look book is sent. If you are to request edits after the 2 days, you will not be allowed edits for that month.

How many edits will I receive per month?

For items that you are unhappy with, you will receive a total of 3 edits a month.

What will we talk about during the Garb Chat/s?

Your first Garb Chart will be utilized as your initial sign up consultation. During this call we will meet and greet and discuss all of the information needed for me to successfully nail your signature style and shop for your looks. If you have following Garb Chats in your membership plan, these will be utilized to get insight on your particular plans for the next 1-2 months, so that I can provide you with the particular looks to accommodate those plans.

How are Garb Chats performed?

Most Garb Chats will be conducted via telephone. If your membership plan includes a video chat, you will receive the allotted amount for your plan. Any other communication will be handled via telegram for text messaging and sending pictures, and via email communication for any other important information.

What if I miss the opportunity to schedule my Garb Chat during the allotted time?

If you miss the opportunity to schedule, you’ll be responsible for emailing your specific style requests to [email protected]. You must email me no later than 1 day after the last day allotted to schedule. For example, if the last allotted day to schedule your Garb Chat for your membership plan was May 13th, you must email me your style requests no later than May 14th. If you miss the opportunity to email me, your next months outfits will be curated based on your previous personal style requests and preferences.

What if I need to reschedule my Garb Chat?

If you need to reschedule your Garb Chat, simply send an email to [email protected] within 48 hrs of your scheduled Garb chat and request a reschedule. After which, you will receive a cancellation confirmation . Once your cancellation confirmation has been received, you can click the link inside of the cancellation email to reschedule a new time. Please keep in mind that your Garb Chat has to be rescheduled and performed within the specified timeline in the chart. For example, if your sign up date was May 1st and you scheduled your first Garb Garb Chat for May 10th and you need to reschedule, you will only have May 11th, 12th & 13th to reschedule your Garb Chat. If rescheduled on the last day allowed, then the Garb Chat will have to be completed the same day of reschedule. To avoid a rush reschedule or Garb Chat, please allow yourself and HGG ample time to prepare.

Am I allowed to send pictures of pieces from my current wardrobe that I need help styling?

Absolutely! If at any time during the month you feel as though you would like additional pieces to pair with an existing piece in your wardrobe, all you have to do is send me pictures of those pieces via telegram. These pictures must be sent by the last day of your allotted Garb Chat time. This will allow HGG to start fresh with curating your looks with the selected pieces in mind. For example, if your allotted Garb Chat time is the 15th – 20th, you will have until the 20th to send me your pictures. I will use the requested pieces instead of shopping for something new to fill those spots. Please keep the number of looks in mind that are allotted for your membership plan, as you are not able to exceed this number.

How many pieces are considered to be a full look?

Great Question! 4-5 pieces are considered to be a full look. Check out some of the outfit combos below:

Full look: 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 pair of shoes, 1-2 jewelry or accessory item or 1 layering garment

Full look: 1 dress, 1 pair of shoes, 2-3 jewelry or accessory items or 1 layering garment

This is the standard outfit formula that you will receive within your look books. Occasionally, you may receive an additional item depending on the weather in your city or to complete the look.

Once I pay for my membership, can I cancel?

After completing your first payment, you have 48 hrs to cancel your membership. Please email [email protected] to cancel your membership within this timeline, and your membership will be canceled. Upon cancellation, you will receive 70% of your payment back via the card that you paid with, and 30% will be retained as a cancellation fee. Once inside of the membership, you are locked into your monthly plan.

What if one of my payments doesn’t go through?

If one of your payments doesn’t go through, the system will automatically try to debit your card again the next day. If your payment doesn’t go through the next day, the system will automatically try to debit your card 3 days from the last failed payment. If on the 3rd attempt of trying to collect the funds your payment doesn’t go through, the system will try one more additional time in 7 days from your original payment date. If none of your payments are successful after trying to collect the funds from the 7 days, your membership will be canceled and any money that has already been invested into the membership will be lost and unavailable for a refund. You will also no longer be serviced. In order to avoid this and the possibility of being banned from joining the style membership again, please make sure that there are funds available at the time it is to be debited. HGG does understand that life happens and that unexpected things can arise. If there is a mitigating circumstance concerning your account and you know that the funds will not be available at the time of debit, please email [email protected] immediately to discuss the issue, and to see how HGG can help you come to a reasonable solution.

Will late fees accrue if my payment can’t be collected on the scheduled day?

Yes. Each day that your payment is unable to be collected is considered late. Each late payment will accrue an additional late charge of $15. You will be required to log onto the client portal, and pay your late fee before your service can continue. If you do not pay your late fee, you will risk the chance of losing your money already invested into the membership, and no longer being serviced.

How long do I have to purchase my items once my look book is sent?

You may purchase your pieces at your leisure. However, HGG advises you to purchase your pieces within 48 hrs. of your look book being sent to avoid your specific size selling out, or the item being sold out completely. Due to the nature of online shopping, I am unable to hold items for you to purchase. Therefore the items can be sold at any given time.

What if an item sells out before I am able to purchase it?

You have 48 hrs. from the time that your Look Book is sent to purchase your pieces. If some or all of your pieces are sold out before the 48 hrs. HGG will locate replacement pieces for those that have sold out. Please email me at [email protected] within 48 hrs of your look book being sent to request replacement pieces. You will receive your replacements with 48 hrs. of that request. If some or all of your pieces have sold out after the 48 hr window, then HGG is not responsible for finding replacement pieces for you for that month.

Can I be banned from joining the membership again?

Unfortunately, yes. Once you sign the membership agreement form and make your first payment, you are bound by these contract terms. If you are to abuse these terms in any way, you will be banned from the membership. If your payments are continuously late (even if you pay your late fees), you can be banned form the membership. We value our clients, and we will always try our absolute best to solve any issues that may arise. However, this is a business. We don’t run off of “promise to pays” and can’t and will not take the risk of an unreliable payment schedule or situation.

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3 Month Garb Membership
Garb Membership 3 Mth Plan

This plan cost is not including taxes and fees. Please click the membership payment link for the final cost. Please sign your membership agreement form before paying for your membership plan.

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6 Month Garb Membership
Garb Membership 6 Mth Plan

This plan cost is not including taxes and fees. Please click the membership payment link for the final cost. Please sign your membership agreement form before paying for your membership plan.

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What You Get
12 Month Garb Membership
Garb Membership 12 Mth Plan

This plan cost is not including taxes and fees. Please click the membership payment link for the final cost. Please sign your membership agreement form before paying for your membership plan.

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