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Monica Review

“I have used Her Guiltless Garbs wardrobe services on three different occasions. Once for personal shopping and twice for closet edit and organization. Britney was very professional and punctual. She personally shopped for my daughter, post-baby, and picked out clothes that were perfect for her shape after she gave birth. The colors were perfect and my daughter felt amazing in her selections. For closet edit and organization, she again was amazing! She gave me tips on how to keep my closet organized and even shopped for organizational items for my closet. Her services aren’t typical and I think it’s because she has her Bachelors in Fashion Retail & Management. She really knows what she is doing. I would definitely recommend you to use her services, and you won’t be disappointed!!!”

Hilary Review

“Britney is a true professional. She has an eye for things that flatter you even when you don’t. She styled three full looks for me as a model in a fashion show and I can confidently say I wouldn’t have chosen any of them on my own prior to wearing them on the runway. But much to my surprise, I felt super chic and stylish in all three outfits and one outfit was purchased right off my back post-show. I loved what she chose for me!!”

Octavia Review

“I had the pleasure of using Ms. Britney Boyd’s services for selecting several outfits for my Las Vegas trip this past April 2017. Needless to say, she was awesome! I simply told her what the occasions were that I needed outfits for, and she immediately took off to put together several outfits that were simply perfect for my budget, as well as offering ideas for shoes and handbags. I really enjoyed working with her and I will definitely be using her again in the near future. Thanks again, Ms. Britney Boyd!”

Lashauna Review

“My experience with Britney has always been amazing! She has a way of taking you out of your comfort zone and you end up loving the outcome. She is professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I can’t wait to get styled by the fabulous Britney again!”

Madyson Review

“I had the pleasure of working with Britney to build a wardrobe that is workplace appropriate. I am graduating with my Master’s degree in the spring and am currently applying for jobs. Most of my wardrobe is not appropriate for interviews and being on the job market. I asked Britney to help me find some pieces that speak to a more mature me, but still, stay true to my true style. She took me thrifting at a store I tend to struggle in and found me several pieces to work with. She paid attention to my reaction to things and encouraged me to speak up when I didn’t want anything, She also shared the wise words, “Never buy something you don’t love”. I love everything I purchased and it was an amazing experience!”

Candace Review

“I had the pleasure of having Britney restructure my closet. My experience of her provision of services was fantastic, and I was extremely impressed and pleased with the results. The tips she gave me at least two years ago have been the blueprint for which I still utilize today. She is a very hard worker; however, she keeps you in the loop with her process, and always encouraged feedback. I really appreciate how she arranged my space. Beyond organization, she is immensely talented in the area of style and design. I definitely recommend her for all things fashion and organization, and will definitely be calling on her expertise in the near future.”

Jaeis Review

“I was really impressed with the professionalism and the style looks that Britney of Her Guiltless Garb put together for me for an upcoming photo shoot. She exceeded my expectations on her outfit choices for me and made the experience fun. I felt overwhelmed trying to figure this out on my own and she simplified it for me. I plan to continue working with her on my future projects.”

Kristina Review

“ I recently used the Personal Shopping Session with Her Guiltless Garb and I am pleased with the service that I received. This was my first time utilizing a personal stylist and from the one on one consultation that took place 3 days before the actual shopping day, to arriving to the store and being greeted by Britney, I would do it again.

The best part was walking into the dressing room and seeing the clothing choices that she had picked out specifically for me displayed so beautifully. I felt like I was in one of those movies/TV shows like “The Devil Wears Prada” or “The Bold Type.”

Before the date of my consultation she was engaging with me via text message which was my preferred form of contact (she verified this with me prior to any contact). Britney made sure that I received every email that she needed me to review in order to go forward as well as assisting me with any questions that I had. It was my first time taking my own measurements so she provided me with instructions on how to perform this task.

Now the forms that she sent over were more than what I expected. They required me to ask myself some very important questions and dig deep. Deeper than I ever expected for a personal shopping session. But I get why those questions are important because it helps her to do what she does best and to make sure that she has a great understanding of who her current client is.

From all of the questions and creating a Pinterest board of styles that I would like for myself, she created a mood board that I fell in love with because it was created from everything that I told her. I enjoyed the time that was spent in the store because we went to a more recent store that had not even been open for a week yet. So, it was great to experience my first styling session there with complimentary champagne and many beautiful photo opts.

But outside of how enticing the store was, Britney made me feel comfortable and she explained all of her choices plus told me what should be put on with what. While trying on each item she would assist me in getting into any of the items the she picked out if needed. It was great because I told her that I was open to her ideas and would like her to assist me with stepping out of my comfort zone. She DEFINITELY did that, LOL. I was so unsure of mixing patterns and mainly because I didn’t know how to, but with her help I can say that I feel comfortable mixing patterns and choosing pieces that compliment my body.”

Michaela Review

The Best to Ever Do It!!!!

“I had a great experience with Britney and the Her Guiltless Garb crew! My vision for my maternity pictures were brought to life and all of my expectations were exceeded. Britney is a fantastic stylist. She works with professionalism and easily adapts to her clients individual needs. She listened to all of my wants/needs and we came out with a great list of items that completed the perfect look. Her advice and guidance is both practical and creative. I left both of my photoshoots feeling beautiful and confident. I highly reccommend Her Guiltless Garb and I can’t wait to work with Britney again in the future!!!”

Danielle Review

“My virtual experience with Her Guiltless Garb was amazing! Britney was awesome! She was there to help me every step of the way with my styling needs! She kept my budget in mind and gave me several options to choose from. Her style and attention to detail is truly a gift. I would definitely recommend her services!!”

Sonya Review

“The care, enthusiasm, diligence, and efficiency is above top-notch. Britney’s enthusiasm to bring my business to life was phenomenal. Her ideas to expand my vision were so creative. She took care of me and my baby, Sonyola Granola, from the moment that I reached out to her, and even after the photoshoot. Her concept was fresh and innovative, and she works with the best photographer, Anna Chronister. Because Britney’s plan was so detailed, Anna was able to execute with the same detail. Of course, I had to have Britney there to supervise me, lol because it was my first photoshoot. Would I hire Her Guiltless Garb again? Emphatically yes.”

Kyondra Review

“Britney and Her Guiltess Garb helped me to analyze and define my style! She also helped me understand what works for my body and what may not. I also got a reality check on my measurements and my body type. After she styled a look for me and provided me with my look book, shopping and dressing changed for me. Believe it or not, I do not like shopping. But after working with HGG it is so much more pleasant because I’m armed with much more knowledge about myself, my brand, and what’s behind my style! Thanks, Britney.”

Ronkes Review
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