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Next level you is waiting. How much longer will you allow yourself to settle for subpar, when you’re designed in an image of perfection. God purposed your life on purpose. Where you’re destined to go requires next level style. Aren’t you tired of being discouraged, unsure and doubtful concerning your wardrobe? Aren’t you tired of settling, struggling and switching your style up because the trend forecasters have “new” trends on the horizon? Let’s switch that up expeditiously shall we? Your Personalized style transformation begins here, today, NOW! Each service is designed for a unique women, at a different level of need for her style and wardrobe execution. Because HGG operates from the inside out…

Let’s Address your Style Concerns with

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Your Inward Perception: Identifying & Addressing what lies beneath the surface.

Your Outward Projection: Determining your current appearance, connecting the dots with your inward perception and creating a workable style elevation plan.

Flattering Fits / Addressing your Body Shape / Type: Identifying your unique body type and educating you on flattering styles that will increase your confidence.

Your Perfect Color Palette & Fabric Choices: Building a beautiful color palette that will have you radiating, and discussing key fabrics to ensure longevity in your wardrobe.

Your Specified Budget: Identifying what you have, what you want, what you need and delivering the best possible quality.

Your Individual Lifestyle: Cross-referencing your clothing choices with your lifestyle and determining how we can bridge the gap. 

Key Knowledge & Training: Extending my key knowledge and style aid, giving you the confidence to shop and style seamlessly.

Starting Fresh

These services are for local clients only. Please keep scrolling to view our virtual services below.

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Here are a few general FAQ’s:

Q: Can HGG help me to select the perfect package for my style and wardrobe needs prior to booking?

A: Of, course! HGG offers FREE, no commitment Garb Chats that help you to book the proper package with ease! Click the button below to schedule your Garb Chat.

Q: After I fill out the pre booking form for the service that I want to book, what’s the next step?

A: Once you submit your information via the pre booking form for the service that you have selected, you will receive an email with further booking instructions. If this is your first time pre booking, make sure to check your junk or spam mail folder if you happen to not see the email in your main inbox.

Q: Does HGG offer a la carte services?

A: HGG offers special a la carte services to existing clients and previous clients that have already booked 1 of the 3 main style and wardrobe services offered.

Q: What if I need ongoing style assistance without the full package plan?

A: HGG NOW offers a fabulous Style Membership service for women who desire ongoing style assistance on a smaller scale! Click here to join!

Q: Does HGG offer payment plans?

A: Yes! We understand that payment plans make investments a little more feasible and easier to approach. Depending on your service package total, we offer 2, 3, and 4 installment payment plans that allow you to break up your service cost into equal payments.

Q: Will I still be serviced even though I am on a payment plan?

A: Absolutely! HGG has broken down each package process into steps. Upon pre booking, you will be given a downloadable PDF that will outline your service structure. Within the service structure the payment steps have been outlined for you. This will make you aware of when your payments are due, and will allow you to see the process of what steps will be completed before and after your payment.

Q: How do the payment plans work?

A: All payment plans are required to be on a recurring payment system. You will be requested to log into the Client Portal and select your preferred installment plan for your particular package. Once you make your first payment, you will be automatically charged weekly, bi weekly, or monthly, depending on the package booked. Your payment schedule will start from the day that you made your first payment. Your payments will be equally split into the total cost of your service package. Once your payment plan has ended, your card will no longer be charged.

Q: Within your Visual Conceptualization Package, do you only service entrepreneurs with retail or product based businesses?

A: Nope! HGG services both service and retail or product based brands and business. Our concept strategies can be created for any type of creative entrepreneurial business. It doesn’t matter what you sell or what your services are, we can help you to elevate your visual presence!

Q: Are you going to style me like you?

A: Nope! With HGG, my job is to help you to discover your signature style. Even if you may like the way that I dress, the way that you would style a piece may differ greatly from the way that I may style it. We’re going to discover styling formulas that are beneficial for you to achieve. You may need a more professional palette due to your corporate career goals, or a more casual palette because you’re a stay at home mom. HGG’s styling strategies and methods used to help you to discover your personal style are uniquely tailored to what it is that YOU like, YOUR lifestyle, and who YOU are.

Q: Do you dress professionals?

A: Absolutely! My style scope is not limited to dressing one type of woman. HGG focuses on women who desire a need to develop their personal style. If you have a more professional lifestyle, and you desire a more aligned style approach that will aid in you reaching your career goals, then you are a great candidate to work with HGG.

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