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Aren’t you exhausted with leading a style life that’s not cohesive with who you truly are and where you’re going? Don’t you desire a style and wardrobe that’s aligned with the you at your highest? You should be frustrated. Frustrated with the same revolving, “I have nothing to wear,” song that you sing every morning, but yet your closet is bursting at the seams with items that you thought looked good, you settled for, or only got one wear out of it. Well, Charlie, here’s your golden ticket! You’ve just been granted access to the pathway of ultimate style discovery. Imagine receiving personalized digital style guides, magazines, shopping carts filled with items that speak your preferred style language and excite you about getting dressed. Even if you have nowhere to go, a new day means you get to explore another phenomenal look. Efficiency, creativity, personalization, and your individual style solution can all be delivered to you without disrupting your daily routine. Get into The Virtual Garb: Your pathway to curating and developing your signature style, aligning your wardrobe, and unearthing a new and elevated YOU.

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The Virtual Garb

The Virtual Garb takes you on a personalized style journey that will be experienced through the efficiency of virtual tools and technology. Much like In-person styling,  you’ll get the same great style expertise, fashion knowledge, tailored style strategies and plans regarding your personal style and image, but all without leaving the comfort of your home. Your Virtual Garb will be curated through an online portal and delivered virtually in your preferred service style.

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Starting your Style Journey?

The Virtual Refresh

The Virtual Refresh takes you on an exhilarating journey of self and style revelation. We’ll hit the restart button, and declutter and rediscover the you that’s been unintentionally hiding underneath the rubble. You and your wardrobe will then be primed, polished and perfected to reflect your new style and image. We’ll start anew with a clean slate, and prepare you to build your wardrobe out with pieces that bring about that, ahhhh…oh so refreshing, feeling.

Ready to discover next level you?

The Virtual Propel

The Virtual Propel was designed to unlock a next level you. Don’t you see it? The new man, the new career, and the new YOU! You’ll not only be given all of the tools needed to stylishly propel you forward, but we’ll clear the clutter, awaken a new style fire, and prepare to refuel you and your wardrobe with pieces that are fitting for your next level transformation. Press play and propel forward!

Ready for complete style and wardrobe alignment?

The Virtual Alignment

The Virtual alignment is the ultimate style and wardrobe transformation. It starts with declutter and discovery, followed by acceptance and implementation, and ends with complete overhaul and killer confidence. You’ve been completely off track, and it’s interrupted the ladder of success that you’ve could’ve taken. Don’t worry! The past is the past, and your time is NOW! Are you ready to experience better, greater, higher? Let’s get you aligned.

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