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Your style sets the tone for how others will address you. If you’re in an unhealthy relationship with your wardrobe, you are continuously setting yourself up for style failure. You deserve a long term commitment, filled with blissful, special and eventful moments of joy. Let’s hit the restart button on your personal style and get committed to your style evolution.

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Garb Evolution

The Garb Evolution package is indeed like no other! It is a one on one encounter of customized style aid and direction from your dedicated Personal Stylist. Your evolution begins with a thorough Garb Edit, which will eliminate the unwanted and prepare you for the new and improved. During your edit, we will determine your garb evolution pathway. Once we have determined your pathway, you will be armed with a new style strategy and wardrobe plan. We will then journey your selected path by preparing to intentionally shop to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe with personally selected pieces within your specified budget. Alongside your selection, you will be coached, guided and counseled on how to effectively style your pieces, with your personal style aesthetic, color palette, lifestyle and body shape in mind. Stores will be pre-selected and clothing options will be pre-pulled for your style appointment. Enjoy your favorite day drink as we sip, shop and style! After your shopping session, we will conduct an exclusive in home styling session that’ll leave you with multiple styling options and your new dream wardobe. Get ready to experience your style evolved!

Garb Evolution Pathways

In Need of a Solid Foundation?

Building Your Garb 

 Without a solid foundation, your wardrobe will surely crumble. A crumbling wardrobe results in the crumbling of your self-esteem, confidence, and style. The Garb Evolution Path of Building your Garb will take you on a personal shopping journey for pieces that will hold your entire wardrobe together at the seams. Within building your garb, you will be selected pieces that you can effortlessly style repeatedly with ease. If you desire versatility, maximization and the absence of worrying about what to wear every morning, building your garb is the entry point to establishing the base of a killer wardrobe.

Want to Update your Wardrobe for the Upcoming Season?

The Seasonal Garb 

Every season requires a slight shift in our clothing choices. How you approach your wardrobe for the new season should be confidently and stylishly dressed. Are you prepared for the seasonal shift? The Garb Evolution Path of The Seasonal Garb will equip you with items that are perfect for stepping into the new season with great style. If you lack season-appropriate pieces or you need to update your selection, this path will prepare you for a swift switch of seasonal style!

Coveting a more Stylized Selection?

The Curated Garb

Uniqueness is what differentiates one wardrobe from the next. If you want to make a style statement that’s all your own, The Garb Evolution Path of The Curated Garb will ensure that you stand out against the crowd. You’ll receive a more selective, themed and individualized selection of pieces that send a message of complete and utter individuality. Those details that you love, those patterns that you crave, those colors that you adore and those pieces that send a definite message of “just my style” will elevate your wardrobe in a fashionable way. The Curated Garb can also be used for creating collections for particular events or one’s lifestyle.

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