Denim x Denim

Denim On Denim
Photography by: Wiz Art

Today was scorching hot in Houston!! Like ridiculously, for no reason at all, HOT! I’ve lived in Houston all of my life, but I will NEVER get used to Houston’s heat in the Summer. It’s a beast that can not be tamed! Please excuse the little rant about the heat, but I just couldn’t take it…

Denim On Denim

Denim On Denim

Now, about this outfit here…nothing special really. I’ve been loving the “denim on denim” trend and I’ve seen renditions of this in denim or chambray tops paired with jeans or denim shorts and denim jackets paired with jeans, but never a denim vest worn as a top, paired with denim shorts. Today was the perfect day to pull out these faded, deconstructed shorts that I caught on sale for $10 at Dots a while back. In fact, the deconstructed vest is from Dots as well.  Being the color-crazed girl that I am, I decided to go bold with these orange sunnies from, an orange belt, my tan and green woven detailed bag, and these multi color heels that I am positively smitten with. So basic, yet so chic! The accessories really made this outfit! So, tell me what you guys think. Until then… “Grab your Garb!”

Denim On Denim

Style Tip of the Day
You can never go wrong with denim! When in doubt, denim your way out and throw in some bold and funky accessories while you’re at it! The simplicity of denim allows your creativity to soar, and to really be able to experiment with color.

Her Guiltless Garb
Vest & Shorts: Dots (I normally would put in links here but these can be easily created with an old denim jacket and jeans if you don’t already own these items.)/ Heels: Justfab(sold out): /Sunnies: / Bag: Ross

Denim On Denim

Denim On Denim 5






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