How to Coordinate your Looks for a Photo Shoot: Battle of the Sexes II

Men & Women Photoshoot
Photography by: Register Photography

We’re back and better than before! Please accept my sincerest apologies for the misleading posting time for this second feature of Battle of the Sexes. I was in a transitional period of moving to another house amongst other things. So without further adieu, let’s get into this post. If you missed the first one, just click here to see the intro to this two-part, his and her fashion series.

Men & Women Photoshoot

This look was definitely my favorite! We decided to give you guys a dressier alternative, versus the fun, colorful look previously posted.  Who doesn’t love a classic houndstooth print?! In my opinion, houndstooth is such a versatile print, that it can be styled with almost any color and can be perfect for casual and dressy occasions, depending on the styling of course. As with before, my outfit was picked first. I decided upon this skirt that I fell in love with almost instantly when purchasing a while ago. I wanted to dress this classic black and white print up with a pop of color, so after discussing our options, purple was the winner. This crop top from River Island was such a great deal. If I can remember correctly, I think it was no more than $12 and the quality of this piece is superb! The material is very sturdy, yet it has enough stretch to maneuver around the body with ease. I accessorized with silver, jeweled studs, a wide brim hat, black suspenders to give the look more dimension and my favorite pair of classic suede pumps that I’ve featured a couple of times on the blog.

Luckily, Ryan’s houndstooth pants were already in transit to be shipped to his house prior to deciding on our second look.  The actual houndstooth print in both of our garments was dead on! Of course, since my top was purple, I chose a deep purple button down for him, accessorized with a black bow tie with a sprinkle of added glam of silver sequin. I thought it was a nice touch that kind of bounced off of the sparkle in my jeweled studs. His shoes, a suede boot, coordinating black suspenders and topped his look off with another wide brim fedora. Although dressed in a bold color and print, Ryan almost steals the show in pieces that are fitted and have a tailored appeal, displaying again that dressing complimentary to a woman can still allow you to remain in your masculine role.

Men & Women Photoshoot

This post will conclude our Battle of the Sexes series. If you wish to see more posts like this featuring Ryan, just let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE before you leave to stay updated with new posts. Until then…”Grab your Garb!”

Style Tip of the day

A classic houndstooth print can take you very far in your wardrobe. This is a print that will never go out of style. It can be paired with classic, streamlined, crisp and clean pieces or colorful, fun and bold pieces. Your choice, your way, your style!

Her Guiltless Garb

Top: Asos (similar style in red here) / Skirt: JCPenny – Worthington (old) / Shoes: Steve Madden / Suspenders: American Apparel (similar style here) / Earrings: Twice Lucky Resale / Hat: Forever 21

His Guiltless Garb

Top: Express / Pants: TopMan / Suspenders: Zara ( similar style here) / Boots: Asos / Hat: Asos (similar style here) / Bow Tie: Thrift Store

Men & Women Photoshoot

Men & Women Photoshoot





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