Weeping may Endure for a Night…

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Photography by: Anna Reagan Photography

Have you ever seen a more perfect sight? I nearly gasped as we slowly passed a side street where this colossal weeping willow was firmly planted. Growing up, I remembered my grandmother planting one in her yard. I knew nothing of this tree, but my grandmother told me how big that it would get and how the leaves would fall as though they were weeping as the tree got bigger. I remembered looking outside of the glass door from our indoor patio waiting and watching for it grow. I couldn’t wait. I was excited to run and play under the leaves. It grew, but a flood came, my grandmother sold the house and I never got my chance to play under the falling leaves… until today. The leaves grazed the ground and staggered at different lengths like jungle vines. As cars passed by, they swept their hoods and slowly collected back to meet the earth. Gosh, it was so magical! I walked underneath and felt so much joy. This was what I had been wanting to do since I was a kid.

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Although my time under the willow was short, it reminded me of a poplar scripture, Psalms 30:5, “Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.” Joy. There’s been a lot of weeping. A lot of sorrow and sadness, BUT joy! In the morning, you will be restored. In the morning, God will bring you joy. No more weeping. No more sorrow. So hold on till morning. Sometimes our nights seem long, our seasons seem endless, and our pathways seem dark, but when the son rises, you’ll get your joy. You’ll dry your eyes and you’ll smile again. Just hold on!

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Today’s look is a quick restyle of these black wide-leg pants that I’ve worn multiple times. I’ve been loving the balloon style pants with tight ankle straps, so I wanted to create a similar look with a pair of pants that I already owned. In order for me to get a similar look, I needed a pair that already had volume, and these black pair fit the bill. For this DIY, I took two black hair ties and placed them around the bottom of each pant leg, and pulled each pant leg upward to create a balloon effect. I left a small portion of the hem underneath the hair tie and wala, balloon style pants. I was feeling all black, so I paired it with this black sheer blouse that featured a small front tie and elasticized arm detail for a peasant feel. I’ve had a vintage black leather belt with a large gold buckle on my wish list for the longest, and I finally found one on Etsy! Of course, I’ve come across many, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted and I didn’t want to settle. It took me a while, but I’m beyond happy with this one. It has a small tear in the leather, but I think that I can get it fixed, so it’s really not a big deal.

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My gold chain link earrings were the final piece to bring the look together. Paired with the vintage belt, it was a match made in heaven. Today’s post was a bit shorter than usual. I’m trying my best to more effective in less words, but it’s hard for me, lol. I hope that you enjoyed today’s style story. As always, it’s been a pleasure having you here with me today. As promised, a new newsletter went out yesterday. I’m back on it, so if you missed it, you can join here so that you don’t miss next week. If you’re seeking more personalized style advice on how to re wear your items in a more creative way, The Garb Within, is the perfect package to discover the hidden style opportunity that’s already in your wardrobe. Check out this phenomenal style package here! Until next time, Be Guiltless about your Garb!

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Style Tip of the day

Remember to consider what you already have in your wardrobe before heading out to buy something new. New isn’t always better or needed. Allow yourself time to discover different style opportunities already inside of your closet. Take your time, slow down, and don’t always be in a rush. There’s a reward in patience. Practice it when shopping and building your wardrobe.

Her Guiltless Garb

Top: Ava Giselle / Pants: old / Belt: Etsy (vintage) / Earrings: Bee Luxury Co (Use Code: “Britney” for 15% off your entire purchase

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