How to Style a Bell Sleeve Top: Candy Striped

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Photography by: Jamaal D. Lathan 

I wanted to write a read-worthy post. You know, the kind of post that adds substance to your reason for visiting and reading because what am I doing if I’m not? The kind of post that has you running to tell dat like Martin’s stand up comedy movie. My motto this year is “Do everything with a purpose” and I intend to stick to that, so my blog posts, especially my blog posts, where I have a platform to not only share but to inspire and educate, I want to be purposeful. But today 1/14/18, I’m dead blocked.

How to Style Flute Sleeves

No purposeful direction besides of course telling you how I styled my outfit, which even to me gets old. It’s like ok, I see you and you cute, but what else? What other jewels can I  drop real quick before I get into the typical outfit explanation? Then it hit me…sometimes the purpose that we think we want to fulfill is already in motion. What do I mean? I have an example…

How to Style Flute Sleeves

I wanted my purpose to be in what I was writing because you know, I wanted to be deep, lol. But I bypassed the fact that I was already purpose driven when I set out to write this post. My purpose was in me showing up or sitting down rather, to write. That was my purpose. I showed up to write, so the people (you) were going to receive no matter what. No matter if it was a great revelation or just a simple, how to Style wide leg pants, you were going to receive what was important for you to take away from whatever I wrote.

How to Style Flute Sleeves

Moral of the story, just because you feel like you’re not being purposeful by providing what you feel you want someone to receive from you, doesn’t mean that your purpose still isn’t going forth. There simply may be a purpose in your presence and it’s not always how much you said but sometimes the aura you gave or you just setting forth to do what you typically do, which for me was to write about what I wore. Still purpose, just wasn’t what I wanted to leave with. Get me? Ok girl, I’m done…on to the look…

How to Style Flute Sleeves

Cute right? I thought so. Quite bold and rather statement-making, but honey we’re doing that in 2018. Statements are to be made and you are to be seen! These pants, let me tell you something about them…they’re bomb! I styled them years ago here and so many more ways in between that time. I paired it with this cutesy red and blue bell sleeve top and accessorized with a red obi belt and a red and pink statement necklace to finish my look off.

How to Style Flute Sleeves

I know you’ve heard me talk about IKKX Jewelry before. If you haven’t, check out my latest post here, where you can get your hands on your own piece with a nice coupon code. Well, that’s it boo’s. I hope you enjoyed this look. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t and follow me on my social media platforms. If you desire a more personalized help to style wide leg pants, visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package. Until next time…Grab your Garb!!

How to Style Flute Sleeves

Style Tip of the day

When Styling a flute sleeve top, the options are really endless. Depending on how big your sleeves are, you can allow this piece to be your statement piece and stick to structured pieces to balance your look out, style it casually with jeans or incorporate one more statement piece like corresponding bell sleeve pants.

Her Guiltless Garb

Top: Forever 21 / Pants: old, Dao Chloe Dao / Belt: ASOS/ Necklace: IKKX

How to Style Flute Sleeves

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