How to Style a Colorblock Shawl: New Year, New Purpose!

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Photography by: Jamaal D. Lathan

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Happy 2018 Y’all!! This is officially my first blog post of the new year and my gears have been turning and grinding nonstop! I have ideas upon ideas, goals upon goals and most importantly action plans to follow through with these ideas and goals.

How to Style a Blanket Cape

I used to set resolutions a long time ago, but that was really just a list of things that I never really got to achieve or didn’t have the blueprint to make those things work on my behalf. So now, with a new mindset, new and renewed strength, and a clearer vision, I’m in motion to produce my then resolutions, now goals, to actually see them come to fruition. I can’t tell you how exciting and rejuvenating that this feeling of purpose-driven EVERYTHING has me and my boyfriend feeling right now! I don’t want to talk too much, so all I’m going to say is that this is my year!! This is our (my boyfriend and I) year! Not just because it’s cliche to say right now, but because hope has been re-established in both of our spirits and we’re building each other up to reactivate stagnate gifts and talents that lie within the both of us.

How to Style a Blanket Cape

Last year was a year that we suffered a great tragedy with the loss of our daughter and we were both really at the end of our ropes mentally. With our daughters’ loss being the straw that broke the camels back, we were already going through a great deal of outward and inward pain. We’ve experienced quite a bit of hardship that most married couples don’t even experience until further along in their marriages and that really left us in a state of hopelessness. So with all that being said, I’m just ready to walk into a destiny designed especially for us. Wait for it…Ok, on to the look…

After downsizing my closet tremendously, I found a rare jewel that was hiding amongst the rubble. By jewel, I mean this beautiful color-blocked shawl. I purchased this piece many years ago from Forever 21. With the temperatures dropping more than usual in Houston, this was the perfect time to break out a little more heavy artillery.

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To give the shawl more dimension, I cinched in my waist with a satin black belt that I’ve also had in my closet for years. As you can see, these pieces I am mentioning have added great value and longevity in my wardrobe. I let one side of the shawl drape a little off of my shoulder to give the look a more effortless feel and to also show a little melanin. I wanted to keep the shawl as my statement piece, so I styled it with all black items, including a black high neck bodysuit and black skinny pants. To complete the look I accessorized with large gold hoops and coordinating blue suede booties.

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What are some of your goals for the new year? Have you written them down and curated action plans to hold yourself accountable to achieve them? If not, get er done, lol! Kill it this year! If I can claim it, I KNOW you can! You don’t know my story, but you’ll learn more as it unfolds into something beautiful.

How to Style a Blanket Cape

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How to Style a Blanket Cape

Style Tip of the day

Shawls are one of those garments that make it easy to stay stylish in cooler temperatures. Although they can be shapeless and rather large, accessorizing with a piece like this by belting it will give you the dimension that you desire. With so many textures, color and prints to chose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one to meet your styling needs.

Her Guiltless Garb

Shawl: Forever21 (old, similar style here) / Pants: Zara (similar style here) Belt: Arden B. (old, similar style here) / Bodysuit: Francesca’s (old, similar style here) Boots: ShoeDazzle

How to Style a Blanket Cape

How to Style a Blanket Cape

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