How to Remedy a Photo Shoot Woe

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Hey, hey. hey! One day I’m going to open up my blog posts without the mentioning of a natural disaster destroying some part of the world. This won’t be long, but I pray and hope that if you are in Texas that you are bearing things as best you can. We’ve endured so much, but we are indeed Texas strong, so just hang in there! Luckily, we never lost power, but we were without water for quite some time and our pipes did burst. Things got real primitive over here as I’m sure that it did for a lot of my fellow Houstonians. Ever since I started more of an intentional and sustainable style journey, I tried to be more cognitive of how much water that I was actually using compared to how much water that I was actually wasting. Simple things like turning off the water when I brushed my teeth or when I detangled my hair in the shower were some of the ways that I felt like I could decrease my personal water usage.

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When it rained, we collected jugs and bowls of rain water to boil to use as we needed. One of the main things that we used the water for was to make sure that we flushed the toilet. That could have possibly turned into another problem that we definitely wanted to avoid. Do you know how much water that it takes just to flush the toilet? Just one flush? We have a newer toilet, so it took us about a gallon and some just for one flush. I believe that older toilets need much more water for one flush. Somewhere between 5-6 I think. Do you know how much time it took to collect the rain water? Too long to use a lot of it in just 1 flush. I won’t bore you with this topic any longer, but please let’s try our best to conserve and not deplete. One planet. That’s all that we have. On to today’s style story…

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One of the things that I fear when doing a shoot is forgetting something at the house or my shoe strap breaking mid pose. On this particular day, something small but unfavorable happened that left me to think quick in order to compensate for it…one of my earrings broke. Now, you’re probably reading this like, ok girl, that’s not that big of the deal. In the grand scheme of life, no, but in a photo shoot where it is needed, it can have the potential to slightly alter the aesthetic of your look. All of my looks are carefully planned. Colors, patterns, textures and accessories sometime tie certain things in my outfit together, which makes the overall look a little more cohesive. If one of those things is missing, you may not notice because you won’t know that it’s missing, but when I look at my pictures, I definitely will. My earrings were white, hanging geometric shapes. They were chosen to bring in the white from my shoes and to bring a lighter color around my face. They would’ve definitely popped against this dark background. However, there are ways around this incident to still bring your photo together. Here are 3 simple tips on, How to Compensate for a Broken Earring During a Shoot…

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  1. Photo Shop it in: When one of my earrings first broke, my photographer suggested to me that she could possible photo shop it in if I wore one. Now I’m not particularly familiar with photo shop, but I do know that a cloning tool can be used to duplicate items in photos. This option takes a little more figuring out for you and your photographer because you would have to be careful of your hand placement when posing, keep your hands low away from your face and make sure that the area is clear in order for it be added in and look normal. As you can see, this wasn’t the route that I took, but it’s definitely an option.
  2. Include the color that you may be missing or need in your background: The color that I needed was white, so when we found this ornate door design with a piano esque floor, and the pink and white clouds, I knew that things would still come together. When you add in the color that you’re missing with your background, you are bringing in that lost element. Consider the area that you need it in and try to add it in, in that area if you can.
  3. Go extra with your poses: People are drawn to items and elements in photos that stand out the most. That includes prints, bold colors, hairstyles, lip colors, and exaggerated poses. Poses can be distracting in a good way in photography. Use it to your advantage.
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Ok, that’s all folks. Thanks so much for joining me back on my little slice of the internet. I appreciate your presence and your support! If you’re looking for more of a personalized avenue of orchestrating your photo shoot for your brand or for personal use, I’m your girl! I have two dynamic service options that’ll bring your photo shoot together like magic. Schedule your FREE 15 min. Garb Chat here! I look forward to speaking to you soon! Oh before you go, don’t forget to Subscribe if you haven’t already! My email subscribers get loaded with all that’s new and poppin’ with HGG. Get on the list here. As always, Be Guiltless about your Garb! Talk to you soon!

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Style Tip of the Day

The importance of aesthetic in your photo is what sets you apart from having just a basic photo shoot. Setting concepts, themes or at least having a general idea of what mood you want to set will help you in controlling the look and feel of your photo. Align your outfit with the mood of your photo so that things are cohesive.

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Sweater turned dress: Jamie Fabulous (similar style in a different color here) / Belt: Target / Shoes: Super old Christmas gift from my mom. Brand: BeBe

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