Styling a Suit: Choosing Chartreuse

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I’m proud to say that my first suit is this beautiful chartreuse green! The aura of a woman in a suit is one of power, strength, sophistication and class. I’ve always admired suits from afar, but never actually bit the bullet to purchase one. I guess I was waiting for the perfect one to jump out at me, claiming its entrance into my wardrobe. I always thought that I would’ve started with a neutral color, which I will eventually add to my wardrobe, but I guess my essence of this bold woman in vivid color called for something a little more lively.

Neon suit

While a suit isn’t necessary or fitting for everyone’s wardrobe or lifestyle, you should own at least one of the two pieces. You never know when a professional moment may head your way, so its good to be prepared. One of the main things that I adore about suiting pieces, is that when you break them apart, your options of additional styling can begin. Your jacket can be paired over a beautiful spring dress, with a graphic tee and denim jeans or with a slip dress or satin skirt. I love wearing outerwear as tops, so this also serves as an additional option for styling your suit jacket. Your pants can be paired from dressy to casual with feminine, romantic or edgy pieces like a studded leather jacket, a fresh pair of white tennis shoes or a flowy tunic dress with ruffle details. Whatever you chose to do with your pieces, the ability to do them is present.

Neon suit

This suit veered away from the classic cut to feature a mandarin collar, which added flair to a structured piece. Both pieces came with a matching tie belt, but I always ditch the factory made tie for a unique belt to give it more of a stylized look. This belt in particular will be in heavy rotation this season. It’s an easy addition for upgrading any of my looks because it’s neutral color and etched gold buckle just brings such a dynamic foal point to any look! Not to mention that when belting anything, you instantly create the illusion of a killer hour glass silhouette. Wanna shed a couple of pounds for the night, cinch that waist in! To not overwhelm the look with additional statement pieces, I kept it simple with a single strap metallic heeled sandal with pointed toe detail and my new favorite vintage gold earrings.

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Do you own a suit? If not, have you considered purchasing one? Let me know what’s on your wish list in the comment section below. If you haven’t joined the HGG crew yet, there’s always time to get started with your style subscription today! You’ll receive an instant style guide just for joining. If you’re in need of more personalized style help on picking your perfect suit, I got you! Visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package! Until next time my loves, Grab your Garb!

Neon suit

Style Tip of the day

If you’re looking for versatility & a way to quadruple your purchase value, a suit should be on your shopping list! Intentional Shopping + Better purchase decisions = Endless options & Versatile styling

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Neon suit
Neon suit

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