How to Style a Jumpsuit: Black Power

black jumpsuit

Photography by: Kool View Photography

Is it crazy that I actually picked this Jumpsuit out for someone else, but also bought it for myself?! #sorrybutkindanotsorry, lol. I couldn’t help it though. I always get asked the infamous question, “What should I wear?” to many various occasions from many different people. When I suggest things for friends, family or clients, there’s a possibility that it may also be something that I would personally wear. Often times, I have just looked online browsing for new looks or outfit inspirations and scroll through my saved, and most of the time unpurchased carts, and see something that may work for their event. I’m not down for looking like twins in these streets as old as I am, but sharing is caring, right? To be honest, she didn’t end up buying it, so it really worked out for the both of us 😀


 How to Style a Black Jumpsuit
This is the fourth jumpsuit I’ve featured on my blog, and to be completely honest with you, it’s probably not the last. I’m looking at another one right now that needs some altering, but I definitely want to wear it shortly after. What can I say, I guess I’m just a jumpsuit kinda girl. Especially when it fits perfectly and lays correctly over those areas that need a little more fabric placement. I’m also a sucker for high neck anything. I think the silhouette is soooo sexy, without even really expecting to be. I love anything that exposes the collarbone, shoulders or if you want to be a little fancy, eh, how do you say, décolletage; no? Well, no cleavage exposed, but you get the picture I’m painting here, right?


 Black Jumpsuit
This jumpsuit featured tulip style splits, that created a killer leg opening! Side view, front view, just view, ok?! Call me crazy, but I almost felt powerful taking long strides in this jumpsuit. With every forward step and extension of my leg, I felt unstoppable. Especially with my fro on 10, and of course, the leg-lengthening heels played a part in it as well. Along with the sexy splits, my back was exposed with a slightly lowered hem. I decided to pair this jumpsuit with a stunning bohemian style, fringe choker. Can I just say that this piece is fire!! Pink and orange ombré fringe hung from a silver choker style chain, adorned with black, yellow and turquoise ornate stones. I’ve been loving the look of choker style neckwear lately. This piece fits snuggly around the neckline of my jumpsuit and created so much interest on the basic black canvas. For shoes, these lace-up blush heels were the perfect addition to pair with the blush pink in my necklace. I must say, I’m kinda in love with this look. What do you guys think? Leave your comments below. Until then, Grab your Garb!


 black jumpsuit

Style Tip of the day
Jumpsuits, much like dresses are easily styled with the right accessories. Depending on the particular style, they can easily transition from day to night or from day to play. They’re also suited for many different occasions.

Her Guiltless Garb
Jumpsuit: Boohoo / NecklaceBaybay / Shoes: Shoedazzle (old) Similar style here/ Sunnies: lacedwithstyle


 black jumpsuit
black jumpsuit





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