How to Style Sequin in the Spring: Spring Sequin

How to Style Sequin in Spring

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I always say that it takes a bold and audacious person to rock all over sequin. Why? Well, this material is such an outlandish one. It attracts so much attention because you literally look like a walking disco ball. To be honest, I absolutely adore it! It’s probably one of my top 4 materials to wear. After my seasonal closet cleanse, I noticed that my love for sequin was all too real. Vintage sequin pieces in particular. I realized that I own quite a few of them. I doubt that my love affair will ever end. It’s definitely become a part of my wardrobe and a quite attractive addition to my overall style aesthetic. 

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IMG 6517How to Style Sequin in Spring
You typically see more of sequin being worn during the holiday season. The sleigh bells are ringing, carolers are singing, multicolored lights are flickering and when the parties roll around, sequin is definitely out to play. I get it, It’s festive. However, it just doesn’t have to be designated for Christmas or New Years. There are many variations of the size and scale of sequin. All sequin isn’t created equal. There are some best suited for holiday parties or special events, and others that are more subtle and can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. I say, the bigger and bolder, the more it’s suited for your special occasions. However, in all honesty, I really don’t think it matters. You be the judge. Wear it however you wish, to wherever you wish to wear it to. There are always ways to dress it down if that’s the look you’re going for. Denim is always a safe option for dressing down your dressier pieces. If it’s a sequin skirt, t-shirts look fresh and cool with denim jackets paired on top as well.
 How to Style Sequin in Spring
This particular piece isn’t designed with allover sequin. There’s actually small coordinating beading intertwined with the sequin as well. That small design decision gave it a slightly different look and toned this top down just a tad. I love that the top actually was a full wrap, with hidden snap closures and long tie. I’m infatuated with pieces that tie. I think it adds style, flair, and creates interest. I decided to go more of the casual route and pair my top with a pair of hi-waisted, wide leg pair of denim. I’ve had these literally since 2009, and I am very surprised that I can still get into them. For a complimentary finishing touch, this iridescent choker was perfect for added sparkle and shine! What do you guys think? Leave your comments below, don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on new fashion and until next time…Grab your Garb!


How to Style Sequin in Spring

Style Tip of the day
Whether dressed up or dressed down, sequin is always a great option to turn heads. Try mixing and matching your sequin pieces with distressed denim, band tees, oversized sweatshirts or tank tops. It’ll definitely give you a different look.

Her Guiltless Garb
Top: Vintage/ Denim: Arden B. (Old, similar style here) / Necklace: eBay (similar style here)


How to Style Sequin in Spring

How to Style Sequin in Spring





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