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Are you surprised to see me in a track suit?? Yeah, me too! This is actually the first one I bought for myself and as you continue to read, you’ll find out that it was bought by default. I never really was a sweats and tee kinda girl, but somehow I would often find myself wishing that I had one. I’m always complaining to myself, getting on my own nerves about how I need loungewear, yet when the time comes and there’s money in my hand, I’m buying another oversized clutch or a jacket, as if Houston has long unbearable winters.

Fila sweatsuit

After receiving a Christmas gift that wasn’t to my liking, I took the receipt and my gift to exchange it at an unfamiliar place in Houston called Gordmans. If I could describe what type of store it reminds me of, I would say that it’s a mixture between a Ross and a small, clearance warehouse department store. Upon arrival, I was pretty excited to explore unfamiliar shopping territory and see what treasures that I could find, but when I entered and had a quick scan around, I realized that my gift was probably the best thing out of this place.

Fila sweatsuit

After retrieving my store credit, I deep sighed and headed to the home decor section first, hoping to score something for my place…no luck. Next section, purses, quick scan…hell no. I dragged around to the women’s department to pick out a few items that I could possibly make work. After trying them on and having no luck, I stumbled upon the workout gear and was drawn to a black pair of Fila joggers with metallic silver writing. I took those into the dressing room with a white Fila t shirt with black writing, but I decided that I didn’t like the two pieces paired together. I then found the grey set, tried it on and had the idea to transform this set into a look worthy of streetstyle photography.

Fila sweatsuit

I decided to pair it with my metallic silver heels to streamline the color theme, but put an extra spin on the look to depict my streetstyle attitude by topping it with a classic trench coat and a pair of my husbands cream and brown socks. I like how the socks added texture, flair and unexpected style to this look. I accessorized with a thick pair of silver hoops and one of my favorite pieces of eyewear that was literally the icing on the cake. I definitely struggled in the beginning, but I think I styled the hell out of this sweat suit. No money spent, a new loungewear item gained and a styling goal completed, made me a pretty happy camper.

Fila sweatsuit

What do we think about this look? Do you think I nailed the Street Style feel that I was aiming for or did I fail miserably? Let’s chat in the comment section below and discuss some of your ideas. If you like what you see and you want more, Subscribe to my Style Femoires aka my blog! There’s freebies on stand by waiting to grace your inbox. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms below to stay updated with me daily. If you desire a more personalized approach to styling your own streetstyle look, I got you! Visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package! Until next time, Grab your Garb!

Fila sweatsuit

Style Tip of the day

In order to create a particular style of look, first you need a good base. Once your base is set, then you can focus on the details.

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Sweatsuit: Gordmans / Heels: Agaci / Socks: Borrowed from my husband / Trench: Kosmios / Earrings: Target / Shades: lacedwithstyle.com

Fila sweatsuit

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