Pleated on Purpose: Making Purpose Driven Style Statements

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If you’ve been following me long enough or even glanced at my Instagram, then you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that statement making is definitely a part of my style personality. It doesn’t always have to be grand. Subtle statements are welcome, but what makes statement making worthwhile is the intention behind actually making one. I’m sure there’s been a time a two where you’ve thrown something on in a frenzy to leave the house, but someone complimented your look. An unintentional statement was made in this case because it was noticed and appreciated. Imagine what the reaction would’ve been if you actually tried to create a look worth complimenting.

Camo Pants

Since purging my wardrobe and curating a better collection all the way around, I’ve made sure to include statement worthy pieces into my mix. I adore effortlessly styled looks, which you will sometimes see me feature on my blog. However, what really creates excitement for me is the art of styling. Im a creative through and through, so I can’t help but to appreciate a look that was well thought out, accessorized and includes an element of surprise.

Camo Pants

If you’re into making statements, a couple of easy ways to do so is by…

  • Wearing a bold color
  • Including a cool texture
  • Focusing in on the details like hems, buttons, cuts, etc.
  • Wearing a striking print

Obviously, this trench coat with full pleated back, was worthy of just styling with a basic pair of jeans or a solid black skinny leg. However, I took the look up a notch by pairing it with a pair of Camo pants. You would assume that I would’ve stopped there, but I added in another print by including a pair of tiger striped shoes. I treat these like cheetah or leopard and pair them with everything.

Camo Pants

I topped it off with another statement making piece by adding texture. A complete look filled with statement worthy aspects. How do you make your style statements? I’d love to hear your ideas below.

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Camo Pants

Style Tip of day

Making statements can also be approached very lightly. It doesn’t always have to take you completely out of your element. Find a way to introduce it into your wardrobe that fits into your personal style.

Her Guiltless Garb

Trench & Pants: Kosmios (Save 15% off your full priced purchase with code HGG15) / Fur Scarf: Arlour Couture (old) / Shoes: Justfab (old)

Camo Pants
Camo pants
Camo Pants
Camo Pants
Camo Pants

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