A Spring Shimmy: Styling My Spring Capsule Colors

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I’m on a roll with these white blouses this Spring! After biting the bullet and planning to incorporate this color into my Spring capsule, I’ve been styling a few to depict how I style the classic Spring essential with a twist. If you missed my last post on Monday, where I showed you my second styling of the upgraded white button down, you can get caught up here. Not only am I on a roll with styling these white tops, can you believe that I’m serving you two looks in 1 week?! I don’t think ever in the history of Her Guiltless Garb, have I posted twice in one week. To some that may be unheard of, but to me, I would rather provide you with well thought out posts with applicable information. My 2019 motto: Quality over quantity and Substance over sharing!

Spring Outfit

What’s so amazing about Spring is when the hemlines are lifted and the fabrics get more light and airy, you get to play with more flirty and feminine pieces in your wardrobe. I wouldn’t categorize my style as ultra feminine and girly, but there are some aspects that I appreciate about feminine style. I mentioned on Instagram the importance of creating a Spring color capsule. If you’re not following me on Instagram, you are missing out on behind the scenes HGG, so get involved! I explained the importance of focusing in on certain colors and styles for new seasons so that you’re able to interchange your pieces to create multiple looks, provide purpose and intention for your shopping habits and behaviors and streamline the look and feel of your wardrobe. I also shared my neutral color palette which was white, tan, beige, camel and terracotta. These are the neutral colors that I’ll be pairing with my actual Spring color palette, as well as combining them together for some neutral and monochrome looks. You’ll see more of the actual colors I’ll be showcasing in posts to come!

Spring Outfit

The first color that will be introduced into my color palette is yellow. This cornflower yellow skirt with peplum bottom was a sassy little number that gave me all of the flirty feels. The printed, white flower detail added to the feel of the season and also incorporated one of my Spring prints that you will see heavily presented in my capsule. Peplum skirts are extremely flattering and add instant flair to your look. Paired with my skirt, was another rendition of the classic white button down. By now, you should know my obsession for Avante Garde sleeves is an unhealthy addiction that will never cease, lol. This particular top from Kosmios featured rows of ruffles. I meeeeaaannnn…BOMB! After deciding that this top was definitely becoming a part of my Spring capsule, I had to do it justice by pairing it with a piece that added to this stylish, senorita shimmy situation.

Spring Outfit

I accessorized with a clear belt that featured tan piping, a pair of nude single strap shoes and a simple pair of gold hoops. What colors will you be including into your Spring capsule? Do you even have your capsule constructed or do you need help with pulling together your key pieces and colors? If so, check out my Seasonal Capsule service a part of my Personal Shopping package! It’ll get your wardrobe prepared for the new season. If you haven’t subscribed, you’re definitely missing out on being the first to know about new HGG, so don’t miss another post and join the crew! Until next time, Grab your Garb!

Spring Outfit

Style Tip of the day

While Spring may not be your favorite season and you may not be looking forward to bright colors or fresh pastels, you can still create an impactful capsule with neutral colors. Your key ingredients will be texture, fit, shape and cut. Playing with asymmetric cuts, hi low hems and things of the sort will ensure that your capsule still leads stylishly into the season.

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Top & Shoes: Kosmios (Save 15% off your full priced purchase with code HGG15) / Skirt: NY&Co / Belt: Asos

Spring Outfit
Spring Outfit
Spring Outfit

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