Personal Shopping: The HGG Experience

Personal  Shopping

Shopping should be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience of creating an image and style that you love.  If you experience feelings of frustration, guilt or anxiety, how can you effectively complete the task at hand and secure confidence in the outcome?

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  • Take you on a personalized and tailored journey of updating your wardrobe with pieces that reflect your new style direction, body type, and lifestyle.
  • Save you time and money with your personal stylist’s extending of key fashion knowledge and style expertise.
  • Equip you with not only the pieces that you need to lead a stylish and confident life but also enrich your way of thinking towards style completely.
  • Help you to feel inspired and enlightened when you get dressed in the morning.
  • Take your image to the next level, which will help you build your confidence in your career and increase your chances of a more lucrative income.
  • Provide you with the proper tools to continue in your new image with specialized style material
  • Create a personalized style formula for you and teach you how to nail your formula for future shopping & style excursions
  • Select and introduce you to stores and online shops that are suitable for your new style direction
  • Show you how to effectively and stylishly accessorize your looks

If you…

  • Don’t like to shop
  • Have no idea what to shop for when you go shopping
  • Need to update your wardrobe for an upcoming season
  • Need to secure a solid style foundation
  • Need personalized direction on how to execute the style you have envisioned for yourself
  • Are struggling with determining the best styles to dress your particular body type
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The HGG Personal Shopping Experience is indeed like no other! It is a one on one encounter of customized style aid and direction from a dedicated and diligent personal stylist. During your experience, you will be personally and intentionally selected pieces to fill your wardrobe on your specified budget. Alongside your selection, you will be coached, guided and counseled on how to effectively style your pieces, with your personal style aesthetic, color palette, lifestyle and body shape in mind. Stores will be pre-sourced and clothing options will be pre-pulled for your style appointment for the ultimate celebrity experience! Enjoy your favorite day drink as we sip, shop and style!  Because every woman is at a different stage in their wardrobe and personal style journey, there are 3 Guiltless Paths in which HGG can Personally Shop for you. Let me meet you where you are and execute stylishly.

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In Need of a Solid Foundation?

Building Your Garb 

 Without a solid foundation, your wardrobe will surely crumble. A crumbling wardrobe results in the crumbling of your self-esteem, confidence, and style. The Guiltless Path of Building your Garb will take you on a personal shopping journey for pieces that will hold your entire wardrobe together at the seams. Within building your garb, you will be selected pieces that you can effortlessly style repeatedly with ease. If you desire versatility, maximization and the absence of worrying about what to wear every morning, building your garb is the entry point to establishing the base of a killer wardrobe.

Want to Update your Wardrobe for the Upcoming Season?

The Seasonal Garb 

Every season requires a slight shift in our clothing choices. How you approach your wardrobe for the new season should be confidently and stylishly dressed. Are you prepared for the seasonal shift? The Guiltless Path of The Seasonal Garb will equip you with items that are perfect for stepping into the new season with great style. If you lack season-appropriate pieces or you need to update your selection, this path will prepare you for a swift switch of seasonal style!

Coveting a more Stylized Selection?

The Curated Garb

Uniqueness is what differentiates one wardrobe from the next. If you want to make a style statement that’s all your own, The Guiltless Path of The Curated Garb will ensure that you stand out against the crowd. You’ll receive a more selective, themed and individualized selection of pieces that send a message of complete and utter individuality. Those details that you love, those patterns that you crave, those colors that you adore and those pieces that send a definite message of “just my style” will elevate your wardrobe in a fashionable way. The Curated Garb can also be used for creating collections for particular events or one’s lifestyle.

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Personal Shopping
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