How to Coordinate your Looks for a Photo shoot: Battle of the Sexes

How to Coordinate your Looks for a Photo Shoot

Photography by: Register Photography

Welcome back loves!! I decided to do something a little different on the blog today. I’m excited to introduce a special two-part series featuring his and her fashion from my cousin, Ryan Sherman, and I. He came up with the genius idea to debut a post that featured a fashionable display of men and women’s fashion. The objective was to show how the opposite sex can be garbed in similar attire, colors or a particular style, but still remain in their masculine and feminine roles.

How to Coordinate your Looks for a Photo Shoot

For this post, we based our outfits on bold, vivid, Summer time fashion and color. Casual yet playful outfits that can be worn to many different Summer time day festivities, and can also transform into a Summer’s outfit with minor accessory changes. My outfit was picked first, which is this convertible short jumper that can be tied many different ways. I kept the top pretty simple and just gave it a classic look with thick front straps, a crisscross back and front, then tying it off with a big bow in the back. I accessorized with simple gold hoops, a navy blue hat, and striking gold oxfords. Most women would’ve probably opted to dress this up with a heel, but I wanted to keep the outfit casual with a twist, by incorporating something a little unexpected. The neon colors in this outfit were what I focused on when styling Ryan’s look.I decided on simplistic pieces for him, to capture the array of colors displayed from my outfit. I went with a navy blue pair of casual joggers, a lime green lightweight knitted top, which is actually a women’s sweater, but very much a unisex item, a tan fedora hat and of course the gold oxfords that really made our outfits more in sync. A little disclaimer, the pieces worn for this post, were not purchased particularly for this photo shoot. Our styles are already very similar and we actually bought our shoes at two different times. We later discovered that we owned the exact same pair of shoes. As you can see, although Ryan is dressed in very bold colors, he remains in his masculine role with very clean, straight lines, simple pieces that fit according to his body type and finishing touches that amplified the look. Make sure to stay tuned for next weeks post, where we will be showing you a little something different! Leave all of your comments below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to stay updated with new happenings on the blog! Until then…”Grab your Garb!”

How to Coordinate your Looks for a Photo Shoot

Style Tip of the day

Similar outfits like this are perfect ideas for a couples photo shoot. Women, pick your outfit out first since women’s fashion is all over the board and style the guy according to your outfit of choice.

Her Guiltless Garb

Short Jumper: The Clothing Bar / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Hat: Forever 21

His Guiltless Garb

Top: American Apparel / Joggers: Zara (similar pair here) / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Hat: Zara (similar style here)

How to Coordinate your Looks for a Photo Shoot

How to Coordinate your Looks for a Photo Shoot

How to Coordinate your Looks for a Photo Shoot





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