Imperfect Perfection

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Photography by: Anna Reagan Photography

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This new season that I’m entering into is quite exciting, yet scary. Exciting because I’ve been doing some inner work that is slowly changing my perspective on so many things, and scary because I’m just not exactly sure what God is going to have for me to do. I really just want to be prepared. I’ve always been a pretty big planner/organizer, and with God, MY plans are completely thrown out of the window. It takes away the knowing for me, and that’s the scary part. I trust, but in the same breath I’m like, ummm what’s happening, lol? The unknown doesn’t allow me to be as prepared because I don’t know what I’m preparing for. Feel me?

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Enough about that, let’s get into why you’re really here…When I thought of my summer capsule wardrobe as a whole, I tried to summarize how I wanted it to function for my lifestyle, what I wanted it to outwardly translate, places I envisioned going, even if it was nowhere, and how I wanted to ultimately feel in everything that I wore. I summarized it as “comfortable elegance.” Summer isn’t a season that I yearn for or even enjoy for that matter, but I do want to feel amazing in my clothes. This is an intentional mainstay in my wardrobe period, but Summer is always a bit different for me. My core style includes lots of romantic and flirty aspects. I like pieces that drape, flow and billow. These style ingredients can be accompanied by extra fabric. Houston summers are hot. This summer exceeded my expectations of sweltering heat, so to be honest, it’s even a miracle that these pictures were taken outside. Combining the style ingredients of comfort and elegance was my goal, but staying true to my core style is always a bit different when the temperature reads, HOT AS HELL.

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As you know, or should know by now if you’ve been rockin’, I started a sustainable style journey a while ago. Has it been perfect? No, but what is? I’m quite proud of myself to be completely honest. I’ve eliminated the fast fashion module from my wardrobe, and if perhaps I happen to need something and I can’t find it in a price point or style that I love, I’ll review my closet entry questions before purchasing. I’m so much more intentional and thoughtful about everything that I get, and I see the change in my wardrobe. It shifted to a better, well loved collection that I really look forward to wearing. I’ve found so many amazing brands since cutting out fast fashion. More small, well curated brands that have amazing ethos, cultures, brand aesthetics and an overall style that aligns with mine. Which brings me to Jae Jolly. The brand that custom made this beautiful jumpsuit that you see.

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If you know me, then you know that jumpsuits reign supreme in my wardrobe. I don’t own many dresses. Only 2 if I’m really thinking about it, so jumpsuits are my dresses. Not that I don’t like them because I do, I just always gravitate towards a jumpsuit first. Jae Jolly is a brand that features really eye catching garments that have a focus on brilliant color, free flowing silhouettes and exotic prints. All of that I just said makes my mouth water! Think of your ultimate summer vacation capsule, but on an exclusive island where coconuts drape the trees, the water gently kisses the sand and the ocean breeze swirls its way through your hair. I mean, I’m so in love with their brand as a whole that it was so hard to pick just 1 piece.

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Since starting my journey, polyester was one of the main fabrics that I wanted to limit purchasing. There are a couple of reasons why, but mainly due to the content of plastic in the fabric. I wanted to try to eliminate as much micro plastic that I could from our water supply. Polyester was ultimately developed as a cheaper alternative to silk. Although it is easily accessible, widely used, and machine washer approved, I know that I can just find 100% silk pieces in vintage and thrift stores with far better construction, quality and that are better for the environment than what is being offered in fast fashion chains. The fabric also doesn’t breath very well, and it can have the tendency to look a little less luxe. Due to the factors involved, I’m really particular about what I purchase in it. If you want more information about polyester, check out my ebook, The Ultimate Fabric & Clothing Care Guide. I have to REALLY know that I’m going to wear it and love it for a great length of time in my wardrobe. So if do by 100% polyester, it’s mainly thrifted.

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The exception that took this jumpsuit from a maybe to a definite was that it was custom made. Upon visiting Jae Jolly’s website, you’ll notice that all pieces are made to fit you. No standard size charts, but a brand that understands that all women aren’t cut from the same cloth. Therefore, we deserve pieces that are made exclusively for our unique bodies. What this meant for me was no over production of garments because everything was made to order. No one size fits all which could lead to unnecessary returns, and less waste accumulated because everything would be cut to fit you. Is it 100% sustainable? No. But it checks off lots of boxes that I subscribe to that many brands don’t. Imperfect Perfection. My remedy for the plastic run off when laundering, make sure that you pick up my ebook to find out 😘

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I’ve rambled long enough. Forgive me, it’s been a minute since I’ve written. I won’t go into the details of the jumpsuit this time. You can see them clearly in the pics, but just know that I’m head over heels for this piece. It’s super comfortable, exquisitely designed and crafted to perfection. That is all 😊 Thank you guys for joining me back on the blog today. As always, it’s been my pleasure and I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s read. If you want a more personalized approach to building your wardrobe and finding brands that align with your style voice, let’s schedule a FREE 15 min. Garb Chat. Click here to schedule. I can direct you to which Wardrobe Service will best fit your style and wardrobe needs. Until next time, Be Guiltless about your Garb! Talk to you soon!

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Style Tip of the Day

What is most common or popular isn’t always the best option for you. When you release the need to fit in and stay afloat, you allow yourself the opportunity to discover a style that speaks to who you truly are. In that, you’ll seek out and discover brands that may be better aligned with your personal style story.

Her Guiltless Garb

Jumpsuit: Jae Jolly / Earrings: Bee Luxury Co (Use code: Britney for 15% off your purchase) / Bag: Thrifted

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  1. That was a great read. I think many of us are wondering where life is taking us these days. It’s good that you are really thoughtful about your purchases. I wish I could be better in that regard when it comes to fast fashion. Sigh Glad you’re back and keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much Niki! You just have go with what works for you. It’s really a mindset, and nothing is perfect. It’s all about better choices for your wardrobe. Whatever those are for you, make them without feeling guilty because it’s ultimately what makes you happy. I found freedom on this journey. It frees up the stigma of having to have to be accepted. My wardrobe is mine first. Which means what I buy is for me to enjoy. So whatever reasonates with you, just follow it

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