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The great part about my style is that its versatility reaches a multitude of different women with different style aesthetics. Believe it or not, I’m the furthest one away from tooting their own horn, but I definitely believe that it’s one of the key ingredients that makes my brand so well versed and unique. Out of all of the different looks that you may see presented here on my platform, one look I feel that unites us all fashion fanatics is one that’s almost ingrained in fashions DNA. A style that’s effortless, timeless and requires little to no thought at all. Divided we may fall, but when it comes to a ”classic” style, at some point, we all meet across the bridge of our wardrobes that connects us to each other. A little too deep? Stay with me, I’m going somewhere.

Trench Coat

Go look into your wardrobe. Yes, right now. Well, if you’re at home or if you’re a real fashion G, you should have your entire closet categorized and photographed in a wardrobe app. If you don’t, no worries! There’s plenty of time to get you together and HGG is definitely here to help. But back to my point…Are you peering into your fashion sanctuary now…Good! I’m about to list five pieces and I want you to mentally check them off of your list. Ready? Here we go…

  • Trench Coat
  • Denim Jeans
  • White Tee
  • LBD
  • Black heel

How many of these items did you check off of your list? If not all, you should at least already own two of these items. Well, so do I! That’s where our wardrobes both meet on the bridge. Your style may be more edgy, feminine or girly than mine, or vice versa, but we both have classic pieces that unite our closets and style. Pretty cool, right?

Trench coat

As I’m sure you’ve probably already guessed, this post is going to be focusing on the classic trench coat. Believe it or not, I just acquired one this year and its come in handy during this season of cool weather we’ve occasionally had here in Houston. If you want a jacket that can instantly upgrade your casual, on the go attire or pair perfectly with your dressy, night on the town looks, this baby is the perfect topper. For my look, I took the dressier route and paired it with a long black lace tunic with side slits and a pair of pleated wide leg pants. I styled a grey pair here. I love accessorizing with gold because it can sometimes have the ability to add more of an expensive feel to an outfit, so I paired my all black look with a pair of gold statement earrings and a stretchable bar belt. With the trench effortless thrown over my shoulders, I definitely looked city chic.

Trench coat

Do you own a trench coat? If so, what’s your favorite way to style it? Let me know in the comment section below and let’s get the conversation going. In the meantime between time, social media is where I hang, so follow me on my platforms below to stay updated with me daily. If you desire more personalized help to style your trench coat, or you’re struggling with deciding on the perfect one to purchase for your wardrobe, visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package. Don’t forget to Subscribe to stay updated with style news. Until next time, Grab your Garb!

Trench coat

Style Tip of the day

Owning classic pieces make your wardrobe meltdowns less likely to occur. They not only create the look of a well-dressed woman, but they’re also easy to style with little to no effort.


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Top: Asos (old) / Pants & Trench Coat: Kosmios (Use code HGG15 for 15% off your full priced purchase / Earrings: Aldo Accessories

trench coat
trench coat
trench coat
trench coat

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