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7 am, your scheduled alarm blares annoyingly in your ear. You contemplate snoozing for 5 more minutes until you realize that you’ve thought about contemplating to snooze for 10 minutes. You forcefully roll out of bed, shower and attempt to look presentable for the day. Flick, the light in your closet blinds your already blurry vision, as you take another yawn and attempt to scroll through your closet before settling for an outfit that wasn’t planned, you really don’t want to wear and you’re too tired to even consider changing. “For what”, you think to yourself. “I don’t even like these people…” Sound familiar?? We get up everyday and go to jobs that we despise, be around people that annoy us and as a result, we end up looking exactly how we feel. Lucky for you, that cycle stops today.

Vintage Top & Mom Jeans

No matter where you are in your career, what you’re doing to get there and the uncomfortable road you’re on to ensure that you succeed, the way that you present yourself doesn’t have to suffer. What you feel on the inside will most of the time translate vividly on the outside. Let’s reverse the formula and commit to dressing our best to help boost the way that we feel. But how do we do that if we don’t have a plan, any real direction and our wardrobes are an unhealthy reflection of life’s let downs, break ups and bad shopping habits? First, we must realize and admit that we indeed have a habit. Second, we must ask ourselves these questions…

  • What and where are my shopping habits stemming from?
  • Am I really happy with the way that I look?
  • Do I often compare myself to others and feel the need to constantly compete or keep up?
  • Am I filling a void that may be buried and am I using unnecessary shopping as a coping mechanism?
  • Are the things that I’m buying really making me happy and if it is, why do I wake up every morning and just throw on clothes that don’t?
  • Do I need these things? Can I afford them? If I can, are they helping or hurting my wardrobe?

After you have assessed those questions honestly, you can proceed with the action plan for a better wardrobe.

Vintage Top & Mom Jeans

So, how do you create better shopping habits, love everything in your closet, be able to feel and look good anywhere you go and possibly plan your outfits to free up time and reduce stress in the mornings? The answer in short is you assess, develop and execute. Here’s an example of what this looks like.

You begin with a deep purge. Out with the old, unworn, unworthy, ill fitting and down right despised, lol. Ok, maybe not despised, but you get my gist. After you have completely purged and are left with only items that you love, take a look at whats leaving and at what’s staying. Are you keeping most of the things in your wardrobe? If not, take a look at how much money you’ve wasted by frivolously shopping. Was it worth it? Do you really have money to waste? Take a look at the types of things that are left in your closet. Do you see a common trend, color, theme or style? Soak that in…this is you! Adopt a more picky and curated attitude towards your purchases. Don’t subscribe to that fashion blogger that hauls 20 items every 2 weeks. Unsubscribe from all of those emails that entice you to shop without intention. Your new motto: Only what will last, only things that suit my lifestyle, only things that make me feel amazing and only things that I absolutely love.

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Starting with a fresh slate, pull out your planner/calendar. There are 28-31 days in each month. Each day of the week, record the activities that you normally partake in for each day and activities that may be tentative to your routine, what you like to do and what your schedule may permit. After you’ve completed that, you’ll have a grand scope of your activities for the entire month. All of this equates to your lifestyle.

Vintage Top & Mom Jeans

Now that you have your lifestyle assessed, you know how often that you do these things per month, you need to go back into your wardrobe and deeply assess. Ask yourself

  • Do I have the proper pieces to accommodate these activities? If I do, do I have enough to create versatile outfits?
  • What’s the maximum number of times I’m willing to wear 1 piece each season? (4 is good number in my book) Do I even love them enough to repeat them?
  • Are my pieces interchangeable and my color palette cohesive?
  • Is my foundation properly laid to build outfits for the current season?
  • How many pieces do I currently have that I can wear for the season?
Vintage Top & Mom Jeans

Depending on your answers, you’ll be able to develop a better plan for your wardrobe. I have something special coming that will give you an in depth analysis on how to figure out your perfect wardrobe size for each season. You’ll know exactly what you should have and how many pieces you need to create the outfits of your dreams, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to determining your perfect wardrobe, visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package. If you haven’t joined the HGG crew, you can still get in good here! My crew gets instant notifications of when my posts drop, so if you want to know, you gotta get on that list boo! Until next time loves…Grab your Garb!

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Vintage Top & Mom Jeans
Vintage Top & Mom Jeans
Vintage Top & Mom Jeans

Vintage Top & Mom Jeans
Vintage Top & Mom Jeans

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