How to Style a Co-ord: Cute Coordinate

Printed Coordinate Set
Photography by: Wiz Art

You know, the day I purchased this two piece set I found some unbelievably great pieces in Marshalls, all at one time and at exceptional prices. This is a very rare occurrence for me. I usually find one or two pieces that are positively great finds, but I can never go in there and just rack up on stuff all at once. This day, favor was on my side and I was literally in the dressing room tootsie rollin’,lol. I couldn’t believe that I had found this set for a total of $28! Yes, you are reading correctly! Twen-ty eight dol-lars! On a lot of websites, sets like these usually run you $50 or more for both pieces together.

Printed Coordinate Set

I love the colors in this set! The decadent rich warm tones reminded me of cinnamon oranges. That should’ve been the name of this post, lol.  They looked amazing on my tanned skin. Yes, WE tan too, lol. I’ve been in the sun a lot more this Summer due to my photo shoots.  I continued in the theme of sultry shades and paired my chunky brown bangle that I purchased from Xphozer some years ago,  my caramel colored pumps with crossing black straps, and one of my favorite lovecortnie custom clutches, with this gorgeous reddish-brown calf hair! See how I styled this clutch here. Yup, I’m cute, lol. But no seriously, I really loved this outfit! Leave your thoughts below! Can’t wait to hear from you!! Until then…”Grab You Garb!”

Printed Coordinate Set

Style Tip of the day
Coordinate sets are such an easy way to still look fab without trying. You have a put together look that was already pre coordinated for you. These pieces are also versatile and can be paired with other articles to create entirely new looks!

Her Guiltless Garb:
Set: Marshalls/ Shoes: Shoedazzle (similar pair here)/ Clutch: lovecortnie/ Sunnies: Ross (cute pair here)

Printed Coordinate Set

Printed Coordinate Set





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    1. Thank you! I can’t say that this is my favorite too because I love a lot of my looks, lol but definitely in the Top 5.

    1. Thank you lady and thank you for stopping by and taking the time out to comment!! Yes, Marshall’s can be a gold mine sometimes!

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