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Do you have that one piece in your closet that no matter how many times you wear it, you feel bomb as hell every time you put it on? Yeah, this top solidifies that feeling for me. If you follow me on Instagram, which you definitely should if you aren’t, when I first posted this look, I stated in the caption that I had already worn it 4 times offline. What I didn’t mention is that this is the 3rd time that I’ve also restyled this skirt. Now you’re probably thinking, how did you restyle these pieces multiple times and they’re not basics. Well, basics aren’t the only pieces that can be effectively restyled. Utilizing your basics, you can restyle your pieces seamlessly, but it’s not the only way to maximize your wardrobe. The love is definitely real and I’m going to tell you just why falling in love with the pieces in your closet lend you room to maximize your wardrobe tremendously.

Red striped shirt

┬áStripes are a classic and timeless print. It’s also the easiest print to experiment mixing prints with. Typically black and white and blue and white are the cult favorite amongst the stripe wardrobe staples, but for those of you ladies who are like me, and love to infuse color into the mix; a striped shirt that incorporates a colored and neutral stripe is, even more, the fun. Now, I’m not saying that you don’t need your neutral striped tops. Please do get those. This third option is just in addition to spice up your wardrobe and get a little more creative.

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Now, how this works is, when pairing your colored striped top with other pieces, you want to look at the colored stripe that is accompanying the neutral color, which for me, is red. Think about what other colors pair well with this particular color. Think about complimentary colors, other neutral colors, triad colors, analogous colors, etc. Consider just how many color combinations that you can create and pick your favorite one to start. In my case, this colorful maxi skirt was a dead winner. Red and white were already present in the skirt, so the rest of the colors were just beautiful additions to the overall look.

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The importance of loving everything in your wardrobe plays a vital role in being able to restyle your non-basics as you wish. Since you’re already in love with the piece, you’ll want to wear it in more ways than one. This alone will make you think outside of the box to ensure that you get to wear your favorite pieces as much as you would like to. Here’s a couple of other ways I styled this top and skirt offline


  • W/ Black skinny pants and black and white tassel mules
  • W/ dark denim jeans, cheetah mules and a cheetah clutch
  • Worn as an outer layer, white tank, and denim jeans


  • W/ black sleeveless button down, red Obi belt and black and white striped mules
  • W/ black and white striped off the shoulder top, black and silver studded wide belt and black heels
  • W/ white cropped sweatshirt with wide sleeves, red Obi belt, and black heels

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How do you style your favorite items in your wardrobe? Do you get creative and offer yourself limitless possibilities? Share one of your favorite items and your favorite way to style it in the comment section. I’d love to hear your styling decisions. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms to stay updated on more day to day interaction. If you’re struggling with more ways to style a particular item, HGG has you covered! Visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package! Thanks for reading, keep styling and as always…Grab your Garb!

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Style Tip of the day

Falling in love =Maximization

Maximize your favorite items by thinking outside of the box. Start with Pinterest to pull some ideas from. You can follow my boards here. Then, create a look that’s uniquely you.


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