The Luxury of Basics feat. The Tiny Closet Shop

The luxury of basics

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I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard how the power of basics can transform and leverage your wardrobe. By now, I’m sure that you’re hip to it all, right? Every stylist, wannabe stylist and fashion aficionado has beat it over your head enough to get your basic game strong. So, lucky for you, I won’t bore you with the repetitive, how important basics are in your wardrobe, spill. The topic really is, how long does it actually take you to build a well-curated wardrobe of quality basics and how do you transform your basics into not so basic basics, so that you love them as much as your statement pieces. If you’re ready to get into it, I’m ready to dish out my thoughts. Let’s go…

The luxury of basics

Basics, are undoubtedly sold at every retailer that you could possibly imagine. From Walmart to Saks and everywhere in between, you’ll for sure be able to find those must-haves that lay the foundation for your everyday wardrobe. However, when quality, longevity, fit and feel come into play, the list gets a little bit shorter. Depending on your budget, personal style, body shape and what “quality” means to you, you can definitely find basics that are suitable for what it is that you desire. When it comes to me and what I look for in basics, this is how I shop for them in numerical order:

1st: By Style

What attracts me to a piece first upon shopping is, of course, the style. The style is the number one factor in selecting anything for my wardrobe because it first has to be visually appealing in order for me to wear it.

2nd: By Fiber Content

I’m extremely HUGE on fiber content. This is always one of the deal breakers for me because if I’m going to be maximizing the hell out of my wardrobe with these pieces, I need fibers that are strong, resilient, easy to care for and comfortable. I am a stickler for fiber content in pieces that are basics, but I’m a tad more lenient than when shopping for non-basics.

3rd: By Fit

Depending on the fit that I’m going for, for the particular item that I’m purchasing, this is a DEFINITE deal breaker for me as well. If I’m shopping online, then fit will come last because of course, I won’t be able to try anything on before purchasing. However, I’m quick to return, sell or donate an item if it doesn’t work for me.

4th: By Price Point

Price is kinda tricky at times. It definitely is a personal determination factor, but I’ve been known to push the budget a little if its something that’s going to be a phenomenal piece in my wardrobe. A decent price point can range anywhere from $25 to $150+, depending on what it is. If the price is good enough for me, then I measure it against the quality of the garment, which is the way it’s sewn together, the weight, the feel and then make my decision. When you buy less, the price isn’t as much of a factor as well because your focus isn’t on collecting, it’s on sustaining. So, there are definitely different factors that can play into your thought process of selecting what works for you in your wardrobe.

The luxury of basics

Now, how long does it take to actually build your wardrobe of phenomenal basics? Well, it all depends on your budget and your personal style. If your style aesthetic is more of a neutral palette with streamlined cuts and that’s all that you love to wear, you’ll indeed have more than the next person.  For me, it took me a while to hop onto the basic train. Even as a stylist, I struggled with wanting to buy them because I felt that my creativity allowed me the room to play with statement pieces to create unique looks. After determining that I could still rock a killer look with a basic palette, I began rewiring my thought process, demolishing my wardrobe to a more well curated and stylized feel and backtracking to building my solid foundation piece by piece. So, as it stands, I still have not completed building my foundation. I’m still carefully selecting my pieces in order to ensure that my hard earned cash is spent wisely and that my ROI is high. So, the real answer is, it’s really personal. If you’re like me or was like me, are on a budget and are a newbie to discovering your favorites, it may take you a year or two to build. If you have a little more disposable income, you could have your basic game strong in a couple of months. It all depends on exactly what your style specifics are, availability and your overall budget.

The luxury of basics

Something that has helped me fall in love with basics and become more eager about purchasing them is, knowing that not so basic basics exist. This cropped sweatshirt depicts my reasoning beautifully. Maybe you’re in need of a basic white sweatshirt to throw over your favorite maxi dress, pair with that great fitting pair of jeans or just to keep warm in on those cooler mornings where you’re casually dressed and out the door. You may not necessarily be attracted to a plain white sweatshirt and desire a little something more to seal the deal. Well, you don’t have to settle for what you don’t want or like. Considering the small details that can create a slightly or dramatically different look, but all in all, provide the same function is the key. This sweatshirt from my new, favorite place to purchase quality basics called The Tiny Closet, featuring a cropped hem and wide sleeves, gives you the function of a basic sweatshirt, but the style of a beautifully designed, luxury piece. I’m personally a fan of wider sleeves, so for me, this elevated this basic from boringly basic to a must-have! After discovering this luxury brand of breathtakingly cart worthy basics, I’ve been determined to lay my foundation with pieces from her collection.

The luxury of basics

The owner’s name of this tiny, but style fully impactful brand is Natalie. Everything in her collection is designed and made exclusively by her. Her mission is to obliterate the “need” for more and encourage better shopping habits and goals by ultimately impacting the environment with less waste. Currently, this sweatshirt is the only piece that I own from her collection, but when I tell you that this has literally become one of my FAVORITE pieces in my wardrobe. The quality and craftsmanship of this piece are simply divine. This one piece alone solidified my decision to make her brand one of my main places to purchase basics. I’ll be laying the foundation beautifully with my favs from her collection.Check out my favorite pieces below from Her Capsule Collection and current fall line. Fyi, there is an African mud cloth Indigo coat that I’ve been drooling over for ages, but it is no longer on the site. I’m hoping that she brings it back!

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I wanted to give you guys an easily styled look with nothing but elevated or not so basic basics, just so that I could visually display the stylish impact that it can still make. So, I paired my sweatshirt with a pair of seam detailed black leggings, a pair of black studded boots that I’ve had in my closet for some months and this awesome studded sleeve jacket from Kosmios. All pieces are wardrobe basics, but each are elevated with key details. Of course, I have to give you a chance to save some moolah on my featured piece and another great wardrobe staple. Use my code WBJHUXG for 15% off your Tiny Shop order and use code HGG15 for 15% off your full priced purchase from Kosmios. Just so you know, these are not affiliate codes, they’re collaboration codes. No profit is made on my end. I accessorized with a black and silver studded belt just to give the look a little more dimension and visual interest and topped it off with my favorite oversized sunnies.

the luxury of basics

Well, there you have it, folks. Styling luxury basics, building your basic wardrobe and shopping for elevated pieces that make your basic wardrobe stand out! I hope you’ve enjoyed this lengthy, but informative post. If you wish to stay updated on more day to day happenings, Instagram is where you’ll find me. You can follow me there to chat on the reg and follow me on my other social media platforms below while you’re at it. Let’s get real social, lol. If you’re struggling with how to pinpoint those elevated basics for your budget, style, or are just having a hard time building the best foundational wardrobe, HGG has you all the way covered. Visit my Wardrobe Services to get acquainted with how you can Get Garbbed! Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated with daily style news! Until next time, Grab your Garb!

The luxury of basics

Style Tip of the day

This post is filled with gems, but here’s one to live by. Question yourself as to why you are prompted to continuously buy things. Having a lot doesn’t mean anything except that you have a lot. Get down to the root of the real issue and address it head-on.

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The luxury of basics

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