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Jord Watch

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How do you keep time? If it’s not with Jord, then you’re probably missing out on a stylish experience of superior timekeeping. I know what you’re thinking…why do I need a watch when my trusty iPhone keeps the time perfectly for me? Or better yet, my apple watch that’s technology is suited for my on the go needs?  I hear you! I have an iPhone, so trust me I do understand. However, I can’t always have my iPhone with me 24/7. When I’m working or moving fast, I need a hands free option that updates me of the time, so that I meet my deadlines.

Lord Watch

So, my apple watch can’t do this and more? Sure it can, but quite frankly, it’s not really the most stylish watch out there. But, if Apple is just your thing, Jord has incorporated some Apple watch bands to meet your needs as well. You’ll get the Apple feel, but with the signature Jord style!

So how can I keep time, slay, keep my hands to the plow and be the efficient girl boss that I am? Jord watch is the answer boo! I was quite impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of this piece. Upon being contacted by them to be sent a watch of my choosing for review, I wasn’t sure of how I would exactly feel when the watch arrived. To my surprise, this watch with its striking plum face and the signature wooden band was a piece I felt was created especially for me. My personal style is all about making bold statements. Unique, buzz-worthy and stylish statements that create that, need to know about that girl, feeling. I couldn’t help but think to myself, Brit, with this statement piece, you’re really about to ” Wear time Well, ” as Jord says.

Jord Watch

The styling of my Jord Watch was a toss up for me. I initially planned a different look, but later decided that the watch needed a bold but basic canvas to bask in. I rarely wear denim, but these jeans stole my heart a while ago and I felt that paired with this ruffled denim jacket from Kosmios, I could create a statement but monochromatic look that would serve as the perfect backdrop for my statement watch. Girl, did this plum not pop against this beautiful shade of blue denim??! I was definitely pleased with the outcome and felt that all of the pieces were indeed standout pieces in their own right, but they sang harmoniously in unison. I kept my accessories minimal with a simple pair of gold hoops and a purple tinted, gold rimmed, seventies style pair of shades.

Jord Watch

Ready to receive your own signature watch of style?? Well, I’ve got news for you, boo. Jord was so kind enough to sponsor a giveaway of $100 towards your very own watch of your choosing!! The giveaway has already begun, but you have until 11/11 to sign up for your chance to win. You can enter by following this link HERE! Of course, I can’t leave you without the details of how you can get your hands on this bomb jacket, so here’s 15% off of your full priced purchase from Kosmios when you use my code HGG15!! Now, this jacket is already on sale so you don’t need to use the code on this one. However, there are tons of stylish statements pieces available that this code can be used on, so get to shopping!

Jord Watch

So, what are your thoughts about the look? Or we feeling it or Nah?? Let me know in the comment section below and let’s get the style conversation going! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms below. I post, I pin and I tweet, so let’s be social! If you wish to be styled for your own signature Jord Watch, I can help. Let’s pick out one that’s perfect for you and get you a look that’s all your own. Visit my Wardrobe Services to Get Garbbed! Until next time, Grab your Garb!

Jord Watch

Style Tip of the Day

It is possible to wear all statement pieces in one look. The key is to balance your colors if you’re using multiple hues or balance the placement of your items with statement details.

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Jacket: Kosmios / Jeans: Free People / Watch: Jord Watch / Shades: Aldo

Jord Watch



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