How to Style a Halter Neck Jumpsuit: At a Halt

How to Style a Halter Neck Jumpsuit

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Sometimes in life, we reach periods where our lives have halted and we completely freak out, right? I know I do, lol. I’m like, wait, what, why and for how long? I’m the type of person that always needs to know what’s going on and which is probably the reason why I never do, lol. I’m always trying to figure things out on my own and navigate my way through with no clear direction. God is probably looking down at me, shaking his head with a loving smile, saying to himself, “Look at my daughter. She think she grown and can do it all by herself when all she needs to do is let go and trust me.” Yeah, that’s me. Comment below if that’s you too.

How to Style Halter Neck Jumpsuit

Long story short, halting doesn’t mean that the show is over. It’s a temporary stop, most of the time and abrupt one that calls for you to relax, let go of the reigns and allow God to get you back on track. When he feels as though you’ve been driving for too long, he’ll cause a halt to occur and all it really is is a refocus and realignment on who’s in charge. My advice, if you want to get to where you’re meant to go, just scoot over into the passenger side. On to styling…

How to Style a Halter Neck Jumpsuit

Can we clap three times for this jumpsuit?? I’m pretty excited about this one. One because I found it on sale for $39, two because it’s black so I’m going to style the hell out of it and three because I love halter neck styles for my bust size. Halter necks are one of those styles that look great on smaller busts. Much like dresses, jumpsuits make life so much easier in terms of getting dressed and they give you an almost complete look in one easy step. One and done, right? Nothing’s better than an easy to style piece that still makes a grand fashion statement when worn, and this jumpsuit fits directly into that category. I’m really kinda obsessed with them and I don’t want to be cured, lol.  To prove my point, you can see how I styled previous ones here, here and here.

How to Style a Halter Neck Jumpsuit

I love how the traditional halter style concept was used in the construction of this garment with a slight edge. The halter neck strap was adorned with silver grommets that really added something special to the piece. It literally is reminiscent of a belt, which is such a creative style element. The simplest additions can do that, so if your style is very streamlined and basic, look for a traditional piece with small details. It’ll give your look a different feel for sure. I decided to style my jumpsuit with a cream, cropped, furry sweater due to the brisk air on this day. I would suggest styling this type of jumpsuit with any top that won’t take away from any detail that your halter straps may feature. Texture is a good way to go because you’re still adding another style element without it competing with the details. If you’re styling a basic halter with no added details, a nice printed blouse would work perfectly for extra flair or even a nice pussy bow blouse to add a little drama.

How to Style a Statement Bracelet

I completed my look with statement arm candy in black and cream to continue in the color theme and finished my look off with a pair of houndstooth printed heels that featured silver diamond shaped studs up the center and a blocked heel. What are your thoughts on styling jumpsuits and how I styled mine? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t. You’ll receive a FREE mini Style Guide upon subscription and will be in store for tons of fashion fun. Follow me on my social media platforms below to stay in touch with me.

If you wish to have a more personalized approach to styling your own jumpsuit, visit my Wardrobe Services and Book your Consultation today! Until next time…Grab your Garb!!

How to Style a Halter Neck Jumpsuit

Style Tip of the day

Jumpsuits make getting dressed easier, so don’t overthink it when it comes to your accessories. Depending on the style of your jumpsuit, pair complimenting accessories and shoes with your jumpsuit that add to your look. If you’re styling a basic jumpsuit, much like this one, amp up your accessories or pair it with a fun shoe or added texture. If you’re styling a decorative one, consider styling with minimal or basic accessories to keep the jumpsuit as your statement piece. The good thing about jumpsuits is that they can easily transition from day to night seamlessly. You can wear this on a date, to church, to work or out with your girls.

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Top: H&M (old) / Jumpsuit: Zara (purchased on sale) / Bracelets: Large cuff: Shop Sassy Jones (sold out, similar styles through link) Zebra Bracelets: (eBay) / Shoes: Bebe (old and gifted)

How to Style a Halter Neck JumpsuitHow to Style a Halter Neck JumpsuitHow to Style a Halter Neck JumpsuitHow to Style a Halter Neck Jumpsuit How to Style a Halter Neck Jumpsuit

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