How to Style Mom Jeans: Comfort Zone, Canceled!

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Photography by: Jamaal D. Lathan

How to Style Mom Jeans

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Comfort creates a beautiful and safe place of freedom. We can completely be encapsulated with our truest selves in this space. You’re in a realm where you feel great because it’s familiar and it’s where you feel the most relaxed, right? All of a sudden someone asks you to leave this place of comfort or worse, you get pushed and forced into an unfamiliar space, with your feet sliding and violently resisting. You freak out, you reject, you freeze up and anxiety begins to trickle down and flow heavily through your nervous system. But what if you took that step outside of what you know, outside of what you’re content with? Could you possibly be surprised at the outcome? You’d discover something not only about the unfamiliar place but also yourself. Within your discovery, you’ll be enriched, enlightened, introduced and probably surprised at what lies on the other side or at the end of your comfort zone like the quote says.

How to Style Mom Jeans

I admit I’m pretty darn good at helping others to push their style buttons and to expand their minds when it comes to getting dressed, but when it comes to me and my hair, I’m pretty straightforward. I don’t experiment much and in my opinion for good reason. The twist out is my signature style. If I’m not rocking that, it’s literally fro’d out or in a bun, which I only do for really lazy days because it’s hell to detangle afterward. Point is, is that I like my hair really simple so that my outfits can be on display. I’d rather them do the talking than my hairstyle.

How to Style Mom Jeans

As you can see, my hair is in a completely different style than what I typically wear. Not even in a gradual style, but a full out, in your face, “Hello, my name is Edgy!” hairstyle. I expressed with my photographer the creative direction in which I wanted to go with my photography. More storylines, less “blogger” feel, if that makes sense. As you know, I’m creative, so I want that to also translate into everything that I do. My pictures are a definite area of creative capability. So, after the conversation and hearing his suggestion, I was a little closed off to his response. I was like, I really don’t like to do much with my natural hair, even though I know there are tons of ways to style it. Long story short, I went for it and loved it! It created the exact feel that I wanted for my pictures and it was literally the icing on the cake.

How to Style Mom Jeans

Even though this is a light example, it is a small step into an overall leap of faith with your comfort level. Would I have known if my overall aesthetic could have turned out this great if I didn’t change my hair and do something different? Absolutely not! So, getting out of your comfort zone can yield great results if you just take the step to do so. Try that new restaurant, visit that new spa, go for that new career. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and life is what we’re all here to live, so get to living life outside of those walls of comfort. 

You know what comfort creates for you, the discovery is in what happens when comfort is removed and you can challenge yourself to live outside of your typical routine.

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How to Style Mom Jeans

On to styling…

I’ve been wanting to try a good quality pair of mom jeans for quite a while. I love the cool, vintage vibe that they give and for my first time in a long time featuring jeans, these were on my list to style. I recently purchased them and I must say that these jeans are probably in my top 3 favorite pairs now. Why? Mom jeans are not particularly cut for curvy girls and they actually fit these thunder thighs and this bulging butt, lol. I purchased them from my all time favorite place to get jeans which you should already know, but if you don’t it’s American Eagle. I went two sizes up because there’s absolutely no stretch in these jeans. If you’re in the market for a pair to try, I suggest sizing a size or two up so that you don’t kill yourself from air loss. Especially if you’re used to wearing jeans that feature more than 2% spandex. It’s going to give you a completely different feel when you wear them.

How to Style Mom Jeans

With my waist being a high-waisted style, I could’ve opted to tuck the bottom of my blouse in to give my overall look a completely different feel and to the blouse itself, however, I decided to leave the blouse out to showcase all of its beauty and detailing. Remember that the slightest changes can give your look a different vibe. This sheer, black blouse featured ruffled piping and a flirty peplum hem. I found this on sale for $15 at H&M and knew that this piece was going to be a great addition to my wardrobe. I teamed it with a black bandeau top underneath, an oversized camo jacket to add that casual feel over my dressy top and wrapped my neck in a fur collar for some added texture. I decided to go with these new mesh insert booties that had my name all over them when I saw them and accessorized with a pair of yellow aviators for a pop of color.

How to Style Mom Jeans

This look can easily be worn to a lounge for a couple of drinks and jam session to your favorite tunes or a dressy casual date night to the movies.

So, how do we feel about this look and what challenges will you be taking on this week to live outside of your comfort zone? If you loved the post, don’t forget to like it, share it on your social media and SUBSCRIBE for more fashion/motivational content, to receive your FREE style guide and to unlock the protected posts. Follow me on my social media as well to stay engaged and in contact with me on a day to day basis.

How to Style Mom Jeans

If you desire a more personalized approach to style mom jeans than visit my Wardrobe Services and give me a holler. Until next time…Grab you Garb!

Style Tip of the Day

Mom Jeans are designed for that relaxed fit with a vintage vibe. You can play up this look or go with something completely different. Go two sizes up when purchasing if you’re curvier.

Her Guiltless Garb

Top: H&M (similar style here) / Jacket: Zara (similar style here & here) with fur included / Fur Collar: Arlour Couture designer Fashions (similar style here and here) / Jeans: American Eagle / Booties: Asos / Sunnies:

How to Style Mom Jeans

 How to Style Mom Jeans
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