How to Style a Colored Trench Coat: Kaleidoscope feat. IKKX Jewelry

How to Style a Yellow Trench
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Welcome back loves! I hope everyone is doing well. This outfit full of brilliant and bold bursts of yummy colors was inspired by this candy-colored necklace designed by a lovely jewelry designer named Nao. I stumbled upon her Etsy shop searching for unique jewelry and I instantly fell in love with the creativity that her collection possessed. I’ve always been a fanatic for uniquely curated jewelry pieces, but something about her collection sparked a definite affinity to acquire more knowledge about her and her jewelry line.

How to Style a Yellow Trench

I wanted to let the statement necklace be the focal point of my look, so I styled my outfit with simple pieces to coincide with all of the multicolored hoops and bold cobalt blue yarn. Denim is always easy and comfortable, so I opted for a pair of boyfriend jeans that are perfect for maternity wear. Today was actually quite breezy, so my mustard colored trench was the perfect addition to the chilly temperature, and the vivid colored style decision that I needed to add something special to my outfit. Colors always pop against a black or white canvas, so this little black camisole was an obvious choice to pair underneath my jacket. I played off of the rainbow colored swirls of pink in one of the hoops and wore a pair of open toe, hot pink sandals, accessorizing with a blue leather clutch that featured soft and fluffy shearling. Altogether, a kaleidoscope of colors swirled and twirled, as I imagined looking into a cylinder tube, rotating the device to project an immense explosion of dancing patterns and elements.

In addition to this necklace that was sent to me, I ordered a couple of other enticing necklaces to start my collection. While in constant conversation with the owner about a custom piece I desired, I found out that every element of the necklace was handmade. It made me appreciate the piece even more than I already had. The artistic being inside of me understood and valued her talent and creativity used to bring such beautiful things to life. The base of the necklace was created with t-shirt yarn, which is 100% recyclable material salvaged from textile remnants from the European fashion industry. This yarn was knitted to create the foundation and each hoop was molded, baked and hand painted. Considering that each hoop is different and some of them are intertwined with 3 or 4 colors, glitter, etc. , I imagined Nao sitting at her artists’ table, surrounded by paint, brushes, clay, yarn and other creative tools, fervently crafting each piece with the skill to produce imaginative designs.

As if I haven’t written enough already, I just couldn’t leave without giving you a brief bio about Nao and the business she’s created. You can read all about her business below.

Style Tip of the Day
Boyfriend jeans are an easy transition for mommy’s to be. They’re already designed to be oversized, so as you grow, you’ll just fill them out a little more. After your baby is born, you’ll still be able to wear them as you would’ve before. Not only are they stylish, but they’re comfortable, conventional and a great investment.

Her Guiltless Garb
Necklace: IKKX Jewelry / Denim: American Eagle / Trench: Arden B. (Very old) / Camisole: Zara / Clutch: lovecortnie / Heels: Justfab (old)

Nao, Creator of IKKX

How to Style a Yellow Trench

As told by Nao…Jewelry making was always my passion. I learned how to knit when I was 4 and I made my first “ jewelry line” of oversized leather bangles with large knots. In my early teenage years, I only designed primarily for my friend’s delight, and my career of choice was interior design. For years, my passion remained only a hobby.
When I moved to Belgium a few years ago, the change was quite overwhelming. The hardest thing was to cope with the cold, rainy weather. So, I guess IKKX was born out of my need to go back to my roots. I was very homesick and my constant thirst for light, colors, and warmth filled that empty void.
Strangely my theory about “therapeutic accessories” was confirmed last summer when one of my dearest customers purchased a neon yellow neck piece, but also asked for a neon pink one purely for therapeutic reasons. She also believes that colors can help our mood and boost our energy.
My latest collaboration with Rose magazine, dedicated to women affected by cancer, confirmed that jewelry can be indeed used as a statement of our inner strength.
It is always a pleasure when my customers write me back saying that wearing my necklaces make them feel stronger, bolder.
Sure, wearing anything out of ordinary requires a special personality, a special strength, a different attitude, a bold soul if you will. So my belief for IKKX is that all lovers of my brand are strong, beautiful, self-assured women and that gives me huge comfort.

How to Style a Yellow Trench

How to Style a Yellow Trench

How to Style a Yellow Trench How to Style a Yellow Trench  

How to Style a Yellow Trench

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