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Great Style has no Limits! Click, Connect & Get Styled!

Are you exhausted with leading a style life that’s not cohesive with who you truly are and where you’re going? Are you frustrated with the same revolving, “I have nothing to wear,” song that you sing every morning? Your pathway to creating your very own digital style guides, magazines, shopping carts and wardrobe can be created with ease. Efficiency, creativity, personalization, and your individual style solution can all be delivered to you without disrupting your daily routine.

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The Virtual Styling Package Will...
Virtual Styling If You
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The Virtual Garb takes you on a personalized style journey that will be experienced through the efficiency of virtual tools and technology. Much like In-person styling,  you’ll get the same great style expertise, fashion knowledge, tailored style strategies and plans regarding your personal style and image, but all without leaving the comfort of your home. Your Virtual Garb will be curated through an online portal and delivered virtually in your preferred service style.

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Love Aesthetically Pleasing Visuals?

Picture Perfect

The picture has never been so perfect, then with your perfectly curated outfit delivered to you in the form of a digital image! Receive your personalized look/s inside of a digital look book, with your body type, personal style aesthetic, and budget in mind. Shop your links to purchase your pieces picked out exclusively for you. This service can be utilized to style you with 1 look or to create an entire digital lookbook for the ultimate style experience. The easiest and most convenient way to get styled is now at your fingertips.

Love to Chat About Style?

HGG Garb Gab

Got the gift of gab? Let’s chat about your wardrobe and how I can help you improve it. An HGG Style Gab is a Skype, Zoom or Facetime call with me, where we will discuss any burning style questions or concerns that you may be facing. This package is not only super affordable but it’s the fastest and easiest way to get personalized and immediate style advice. This service package is perfect for clients located outside of the state of Texas but is definitely not limited to only those who meet that standard. Get ready to call the shots and get immediate results and answers towards the perfect wardrobe. You may utilize this time as you wish towards your style enhancement and progress, but check out a few ideas below.

HGG Garb Gab Ideas:

1. Determining your body type and how to dress it
2. Discussing your wardrobe goals and how to achieve them
3. The current state of your wardrobe and how to get you out of your wardrobe slump
4. Closet Edit Session: This session is serviced on a different structure and pricing package than the regular HGG Garb Gab. This can be rendered in 4 different options below. More details regarding package perks will be sent to you via email.

a. Closet Edit Session

b. Closet Edit Session with 1 virtual shopping session/package included (1-month time span)

c. Closet Edit Session with 2 virtual shopping sessions/packages included (2 months time span)

d. Closet Edit Session with 3 virtual shopping sessions/packages included (3 months time span)

Investing in a New Wardrobe?

The Virtual Collection

You’re tired of looking at the same old clothes hanging in your closet and you need a fresh start to excite you about getting dressed in the morning. Or maybe you already have some great pieces, but you don’t have the complimenting items to complete those looks that you have envisioned in your head. The Virtual Collection will provide you with a wardrobe module of 17-24 curated pieces including shoes and accessories, to get your foundation set for your new style direction. This module will also include 30 styled outfits from the pieces selected in your capsule. You may also send me a list of items that you would like to include in your module and I can build around those pieces. You will receive corresponding links inside of your very own digital look book, along with personalized style notes.

Virtual Collection Ideas

1. Travel Style Guide
2. Creating a seasonal capsule
3. Building a Work Wardrobe

The Virtual Collection: The Basic Garb

The Basic Garb is a service package where we will ensure that your foundational wardrobe is intact, prepped and ready for building and adding your favorite statement pieces too. This service is ideally suited for the woman who believes that her wardrobe isn’t connecting properly, is missing the key ingredients to bridging those outfit gaps and feels as though putting together outfits with ease has become a painstaking chore. This service will provide you with a virtual and customized shopping guide/book of a 17-24  basic wardrobe module. These selected items will best suit your personal style, taste, and budget. Inside of this digital book, you will receive shopping links to purchase your favorite pieces at your leisure and 30 visual styling examples of how the pieces selected can work interchangeably with each other to create easy, chic outfits.

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Picture Perfect
HGG Garb Gab
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The Virtual
Virtual Garb Virtual Collection
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