Denim on Denim, Restyled: The Power of Accessories

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Welcome back ya’ll! Let me first say thank you for ALL of the positive feedback I received on my last post. Honestly, I really didn’t think that the positive response would be so great. I received unexpected love on the actual post, which is very rare because I feel like people never respond, as well as tons of love when I shared it on Instagram. I was sooo ready to clap back, lol…Seriously though, I was ready and prepared for all of the comments that may have questioned my journey and caused me to have to respond in an unapologetic way. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and positivity. I even thank the people that hardly ever engage with me, lowkey don’t really fool with me but follow me to be nosey. I see you boo, lol!

denim on denim

Who doesn’t love an all denim moment? In my opinion, it’ll never get old, no matter how many times I see it. However, I do feel like it that it can get a little stale. After seeing countless amounts of denim on denim looks, it can become quite monotonous, but I definitely agree that it’s a full proof way to accomplish a quick and easy look without much thought. Accessorized or not, paired with the simplest single strap heel, the likes and comments will roll in like it’s the first time they’ve seen it. Especially if your following goes hard for you, it’s almost like you literally can do no wrong.  Am I the only one that feels that way?

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Anyway, about 4 years ago, I styled a rendition of denim on denim utilizing something a little different. You can check out that post here! I wanted to restyle it again, but also introduce a more creative way to style my denim top. With all of the cuts, shapes, and silhouettes coming out, it’s so much easier to utilize something that you already have in your closet and revamp it in a great way before you completely commit to purchasing a new style that you’ve never tried before. Contrary to what you might believe, I really do not shop a lot for myself that much anymore. It’s not even because I have accomplished my ultimate wardrobe goals. After completely and I mean completely purging my closet to a VERY SMALL collection of curated pieces, I am VERY PARTICULAR as to what enters my space. Here and there, I pick up pieces that are a reflection of :

#1: My TRUE personal style (Never believe the hype)

#2: Are made up of a higher percentage of natural fibers, are a 100% natural fibers, or are 50% synthetic fibers and 50% natural fibers #Qualityoverquantity. This does not mean breaking the bank to achieve this either. It just means shopping smarter, being more cognizant of what it is you’re actually buying, your cost per wear, the type of garment it is and how often you will be using it. I still enjoy my polyester pieces and a nice blend of rayon. However, I hate taking my clothes to the dry cleaner unless absolutely necessary and rayon is a fabric that provides special care that I don’t like to give it. Especially when it’s mixed with another fiber and after washing, it looks misshapen in some areas. Has this happened to you? Well, it’s caused by the blend of an unnatural fiber with a natural fiber. There are blends that are better than others, but…you know what, I’m going to dedicate an actual post to this.

#3: Will provide functionality for what I actually do day to day and not just for “blogging” purposes or Instagram likes.

#4: Pieces that will allow me longevity and that I can look at 4 years from now and still very much enjoy.

Following this easy style point system has saved me money and created a better wardrobe for me entirely. It may seem like a lot of thought that goes into it, and for some, it may be almost impossible. If this is you, you need me in your life. Check out my Wardrobe Services to begin a better, more sustainable style journey.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what to call this idea, but we’re just going to roll with the tied, one shoulder, cool? I purchased this oversized denim top from the men’s section and have really been wearing the hell out of it. If you don’t know, men’s button downs fit my body type and arms much better, so  I always like to score these types of pieces from them. I also like to play with oversized styles to give me different styling options, so this piece was no exception. I’m particularly a fan of one shoulder pieces. My shoulders are one of the parts of my body that I consider to be subtly sexy and anytime I have a chance to show one, I’m oiling that shoulder up, lol.

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How to Achieve this Look

Step #1: Put your denim top on unbuttoned as usual, but instead of putting it completely on, only put one arm into whichever arm you’d like to be covered

Step #2: Button the top starting at the first button that is closest to your breasts, as well as the one below it.

Step #3: Tuck in the collar on the side where your shoulder is out to create a somewhat clean line around the top and an asymmetrical cut at your chest. Leave a button or two out for style detail.

Step #4: Tie the loose piece of fabric on the side where your arm is covered with the empty sleeve into a double knot in front of your body and wala (Is that how you spell this?) magic!

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I accessorized with two options to show you the Power of Accessories. The first look consisted of a colorful pair of leather earrings, a patent leather yellow clutch and a pair of heels that featured a woven black and white detail on the back of my foot. This accessory choice definitely added flavor, fun and a cheerful vibe to a basic look. My second option of accessory styling was towards more of a simpler approach. I featured one of my favorite recent buys which were these incredibly inexpensive but quality pair of tortoise print, cat eye sunnies, which transformed the look into a more minimalistic, clean and chic style approach.

denim on denim

What do we think about the look? Will you try utilizing your denim top to create an unexpected styling option? Let me know in the comments below. I’d really love to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much for Subscribing, reading and stopping by. If you haven’t subscribed, wait are you waiting on? I’ve got free style perks waiting to be sent to you upon subscription! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media for day to day interaction and to join the HGG fashion crew! Until next time…”Grab your Garb!”

Style Tip of the day

Shopping isn’t always the answer. Most of the time, utilizing pieces that you already own to update your style is a sure fire way to save money and still look fabulous.

Her Guiltless Garb

Denim Top: Gap / Jeans: Ymi / Earrings: handmade by a friend / Shoes: Ross (old) / Bag: old love,cortnie 

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denim on denim
denim on denim

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