Serving You the Shoulder: Styling My Spring Capsule

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The perfect thing about creating a capsule wardrobe is that it takes some of the guesswork out of what you’re going to wear in the mornings. When you have a more curated selection with fewer options, you’re left with an easier palette to choose from, pieces that you absolutely love and in turn, you’re most likely to create an outfit with the absence of frustration. I titled my Spring/Summer capsule, “ Effortless Elegance with a touch of Spanish flair.” I love neutrals, but I believe that the true essence of me lives in vivid and bold color. The Spanish culture is very vibrant with high energy and their essence is really flirty and feminine. In a nutshell, the pieces in my capsule will have a healthy mix of effortless pieces that exude elegance, vibrating energy, project vivid color saturation and depict feminine and flirty details.

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I’m such a fan of tops that expose the shoulder and clavicle. I think it’s such a subtle and safe way to showcase a little sexiness in your wardrobe. This one shoulder top was a great addition to my capsule. It can easily be styled for the day with a pair of high waisted denim jeans and some white tennis shoes and for the night, just as I’ve featured. The rich red is indeed my power color. For those of you who have paid attention, its the prominent color of my brand, which depicts a lot about my own personality. I love that the neckline curves around the bust instead of featuring a diagonal line from shoulder to under the arm. It creates a more casual and feminine aspect to the top because the lines are more fluid.

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I love a good hi waisted anything! Trousers or pants are no different, so this beige pair that I coupled with my top gave a finished and polished look overall. Because my palette featured pieces that were minimal in detail, I went heavy on the accessories and opted to ditch the tie belt that came with the pants and belted my waist with an ornate buckled belt. I also featured the belt here. I kept in the theme of gold pulling from the belts buckle and went for a simple and sleek metallic gold heel. Hoops are always a good idea, so I topped the look off with a simple pair.

One Shoulder Top

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Style Tip of the day

Creating a capsule takes planning, dedication and style direction. In order to achieve the capsule of your dreams, you must first identify key factors like your personal style and lifestyle in order to nail the perfect capsule wardrobe.

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Top: JLuxLabel (Top sold out, but similar top in the same color and fabric linked. Other options below)/ Pants: NY&Co (Beige sold out. Exact style in blue linked below) / Belt & Shoes: Kosmios

One Shoulder Top
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One Shoulder Top
One Shoulder Top
One Shoulder Top
One Shoulder Top

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