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When something is reformatted, it’s revised or represented in another way. It’s either reformatted to improve or to downgrade certain functions to hinder the ability of certain progress from happening. As we all know, the world and its systems were formatted and reformatted to hinder the black community from recognition, rising, and restoration. These systems have oppressed and opposed our people since the beginning and have been ultimately designed to eradicate. I think that we can all agree that reformatting needs to occur because if it doesn’t, our world will continue to destroy itself and the future for our following generations will be none.

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When a system continues to fail us time and time again and now has the legal right in some states to indefinitely imprison peaceful protesters for absolutely no reason at all…I mean what? How? Guns blazin’? Smoke flairin’? More bodies lying in the streets instead of hanging in the trees this time? Reformatting needs to happen in the minds and hearts of those that want to stand, protect and fight for a system that has the attitude of abolishing blacks. Reformatting, reprogramming and reconstructing needs to take place in the hearts of racists that hate a race but have no real reason as to why they do, but most importantly, no answers as to why they must continue. The ignorance, the hate, the pride, the prejudice…the FEAR!

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Prayer is needed. Healing is needed. Love and light are needed. Reformatting is needed…which brings me to today’s outfit. This skirt that I reformatted to wear as a top was taught to be worn as a skirt. How did I learn or know to wear it as a top? All I did was first allow myself to see the skirt as more than what it was. Second, I didn’t allow my teachings to hinder me from opening my mind, expand my thinking, and allowing something beneficial and helpful for my wardrobe to occur. There is power in more ways to wear a garment. Lastly, I understood what it took for me to wear this skirt as a top was knowing and then accepting that at first, it may feel a little weird because of what I’ve been taught, but reformatting wasn’t a bad thing. That it could actually bring about more positivity than negativity. So, the reformatting of this piece occurred. That’s how reformatting happens. Feel me?

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I styled this reformatted top as a skirt here and decided to pair it with some of my favorite pairs of jeans. I’ve also styled the jeans before here. It won’t be the last time that you see both of these pieces because you know how we do over here, so I hope that you’ve enjoyed this reformatted version. I sent out my weekly newsletter to my email subscribers this morning. A new one goes out every Monday with tons of style and insider info. They also got a first look at this blog post and a heads up on some style tips that I’ll be sharing in an upcoming video. So if you want the goods before everyone else or insider perks that no one else gets but those on the list, sign up here!

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If you aren’t following me on social media, what are you doing, lol? Join the fam bam here and follow my other account in the bio section as well. If you’re looking for more of a personalized approach to reformatting your wardrobe our carrying this practice into certain outfits, click here to view my Wardrobe Services and get #garbbed! Until next time, be Guiltless about your Garb! Talk to you guys real soon. Stay safe and unapologetically black…if you’re black, lol.

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Reformat to revolutionize

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Top/Skirt: Kosmios (old) / Headband: Emijaa Jaaemil / Jewelry: Bee Luxe Co. / Jeans: Free People / Sunglasses: lacedwithstyle

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