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Fur makes my fashion heart flutter. As far as textures go, it’s definitely in my top 3 of Fall/Winter favs. Normally, Houston doesn’t have that cold of a winter, but this year we’ve experienced a couple of 40 degree days. In result of that, I busted out my real and faux fur stoles, scarves and vests and took most of them out to soak up the frigid chill in the air. I’m still looking to complete my fur collection with the right neutral colored, all fur coat or jacket and a leopard fur coat. I’ve got my eyes on a company that specializes in creating beautiful fur bombers and I think I’ve found the one I want. It’s a UK based brand, so the price conversion is about $200 USD, so I haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet. I’m pretty sure you’ll see her make an appearance though, so stay tuned!

Colorful fur scarf

On this day, I took this amazing, luxe, brightly colored scarf out to play. Can you believe that I’ve had this in my closet for over 4 years and this is the first time that I’ve actually worn it?? I mean of course I’ve created a million outfits in my head with it and played in front of my mirror like us girls do, but it’s never actually seen the light of day. I wanted to shoot in it many moons ago, but what deterred me from doing so was seeing two bloggers post pictures wearing it. I really have a thing about originality. I purchased it because it was unique and I felt like I could do my brand justice by making a statement. (One of my favorite things to do) As many retailers and brands there are to shop with, it’s almost like the really good picks get smaller and smaller with the saturation of influencers, bloggers and content creators. Should that have determined if I wore mine or not? Probably not, because everyone has their own style, but when you work hard to be authentic, you don’t want to be watered down or considered among the “blogger group” as always wearing the same things. 

fur scarf

I finally said screw it, styled it up and here’s the result. I decided to go really chic and classic with the scarf because I had waited so long to show it, I wanted y’all to see this thang, ok! It would also look bomb with all red, which is the prominent color of my brand, so you’ll probably see it next time around that way. I paired it with this AMAZING jumpsuit from The Tiny Closet Shop that I’ve already worn 3 times and I just got it!! It’s uberrrr soft! Probably, the softest jumpsuit I’ve ever felt. I could’ve easily fallen asleep in it, no problem. The love is definitely real and that’s exactly what happens when you invest in pieces that give you the freedom to restyle multiple ways. Y’all know I’m a fan of jumpsuits, so this was really a no brainer. I featured the brand and all its details here, so get familiar with it and get you one, ok? There’s also a 15% off code to shop, so go crazy! 

Colorful fur scarf

I coupled my jumpsuit with a striking pair of blue suede booties and finished my accessory  game strong with a cobalt blue, shearling and leather clutch. The jumpsuit is actually sleeveless, so I wore a high neck, Victorian ruffle sleeve top underneath it. By the way, if you prefer a long sleeve jumpsuit, you can opt for that one. I wanted the sleeveless one because it allows me more versatility and it’ll transition through all seasons. 

Colorful fur scarf

Before I  leave you, I wanted to share this interesting story with you…This building that you see me sitting in front of is actually the federal building in downtown Houston. My husband and I were attracted to the architecture that sat on the far corner of the building. It was seemingly detached to the building and encased in glass with silver beams that circled it. It  almost resembled a  futuristic design. Kinda hard to explain, but stay with me. When we pulled up, parked, got out of the car and walked closer to get inside, we noticed that inside of the glass was actually an elevator. I pulled on the doors, but of course, they were locked. We went about shooting, but it wasn’t until after we had completed shooting this look, that my husband said, “That’s an elevator, right?” I looked at him with a look of absolute and responded, “Yeah.”  

Colorful fur scarf

He then asked, “Well, where does it go?” I turned and looked at the elevator and was puzzled for a second because there were no upper floors attached. “…Under ground,” he then said. Yikes, I thought to myself! It makes you wonder what secrets are lurking underneath the federal building. I was kinda shook for a second, because this elevator that didn’t go up was hiding in plain sight! You don’t know that it’s an elevator until you really get close enough to see. It really just looks like a nice piece of architecture from the street. Point of the day, don’t be fooled by what appears to be. There are secrets hiding in plain site, you just have to get a little closer and open your eyes. 

Colorful fur scarf

I hope that I didn’t spook you. I just thought it was interesting enough to share…I really do hope that you enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear your top fall/winter textures and one of your wishlist items of the season, so share the info below. If you wish to keep up with me daily, social media is where I hang. You can catch me on Instagram the most and Pinterest pinning coveted images, so follow me to get your fashion life! If you wish to experience a more personalized approach to finding your signature fur or styling your favorite fur piece, Her Guiltless Garb is at your service. Visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package. Don’t forget to Subscribe to stay updated with HGG fashion news! Until next time…Grab your Garb! 

Colorful fur scarf

Style Tip of the day

Wear the fur, girl! WEAR the dang fur!

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Top: NewdStyle / Jumpsuit: The Tiny Closet Shop / Boots: Shoedazzle / Clutch: lovecortnie / Fur Scarf: Asos (old) 

Colorful fur scarf
Colorful fur scarf
Colorful fur scarf

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