The Eclectic Creative: How to Own your Style

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Photography by: Anna Reagan Photography

When I came into knowing the way in which I wanted to present myself to the world, I found a sense of freedom. Style freedom. In many different style genres, were many things that I appreciated. There wasn’t just one that had my heart in totality. I’ve been fascinated with combining color combos, prints or textures so much so that I never quite fit into one style box. Recently for fun, I took a style quiz on a site called Tradlands while scouring the web for new brands. My results were pretty accurate. You can let me know what you think in the comments below. I took it a second time and changed two of my answers to my second choice and it yielded me another good description. They labeled me as first, The Eclectic and then as, The Creative. You can read the full descriptions below.

I thought to myself, WOW! This is me. A giant melting pot of, well…styles. I’m definitely sure of styles that are not stirred into my pot like preppy or goth. However, as an overview, I would definitely describe my style as dressy, statement driven and chic. These are 3 words that I tend to always remember when I’m getting dressed. So, if those 3 words fall into a billowy sleeved boho top and draping trousers like today, then so be it! Over the years, I’ve mastered my style. I’ve learned what I truly love, how to dress my body and how to appreciate being the needle in the haystack.

In today’s style society where the masses are trend-driven, influencer-driven and reality tv star-driven, how do you present yourself online without fear of not being liked and your style appreciated? My answer, in short, you stop caring! You simply just be YOU! What I’ve learned and have taken note of, is people won’t always admit to you that they admire you. They may shade you or never like your pictures on social media, but when you look up, they’re sharing things that you know were inspired by you, saying things that they’ve never said before in videos or captions, always in your instastories or may not follow you but come to your page to check and see what’s going on in your world.

For this reason, you continue to show up as YOU! However corky, unique or unpopular you think you are, appreciation is often overshadowed by jealousy and jealousy is a powerful thing! So, continue to shine your light wherever you go! I’ve realized that my outfit pairings aren’t ridiculously out of the box, but what I do know is the way that I chose to pair my pieces may not always be something that someone would have necessarily thought of. My thought process is just different. I take pride in this. I’ve been told countless times, “I would’ve never thought to do that, ” or “Wow, how did you think of that?”

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When I thought about what I wanted to pair these pants with, I thought about a piece that was equally interesting but wasn’t going to overwhelm the architectural design. This is my second time styling these pants. You can see how I styled them previously here. I went for a similar concept like before with large billowy sleeves because, well, I just favor them and they flow graciously over my large arms. This time, I paired it with white and let the tortoise buttons on both the top and the pants harmonize for a modern look.

To take my outfit up some levels, I keep killer accessories on deck. Do you want to elevate your outfit real quick?? Throw on a statement bag and some killer shoes. Chic in 10 seconds flat! I opted for this AMAZING colorful bag that my photographer/real-life friend gifted me while shooting in a vintage shop together. Boy, was I ever grateful to have received such a gift! I then decided to do some mixing prints with a chunky pair of cheetah platform heels. Why? I throw on cheetah and leopard with everything and I think that it gave this look a more funky appeal. You can definitely tell the difference in the pictures of me without the accessories.

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All in all, I was pretty happy with this look. Leave your comments below and let’s get the conversation going! If you want to keep up with me daily, catch me on social media. Instagram primarily, but you can find me at all of my handles below. If you find yourself coming back each week and you haven’t Subscribed yet, IDK what you’re doing, lol. Join the Guiltless Gang and get posts like these sent directly to your inbox. Plus, there’s some FREE fashion material just waiting for you to dive into. If you desire a more personalized approach to finding and curating your personal style, I’m your girl! Visit my Wardrobe Services & Pick your Package! Until next time, Grab your Garb!

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Style Tip of the day

There’s a light that only you can shine. Allow others to bask in it!

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