Wrapped Up in it all

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Often times, I feel like my mind is just cluttered with things. Things that I need to do and haven’t done. Things that I’ve done, but I need to proofread. Things that I started and haven’t finished. I mean, just things. I feel more pressured more now than ever to get these goals knocked off of my list, big and small because so much is going on. I don’t want the going on to happen to me, so I’m like I need to get going before the going gets me. Does that make sense? I guess that I’m just wrapped up in it all. Wrapped up in the wanting to be successful, make ends meet, serve our community, fight the injustices that are deeply rooted in our culture, be a great wife, do my best to stay consistent in posting, sharing, just showing up…all of it. Just entangled like Will & Jada.

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Although I know that I am only one woman, and I can only do so much, I don’t always feel extremely accomplished. I may be proud of myself for accomplishing a goal or completing a task, but then I’m like OK, what’s next? I’m learning how to just bask a little bit in the things that I’ve done, give myself a figurative pat on the back for doing them even if they aren’t “perfect,” and just be proud of myself. Dang! It’s so hard though, lol. Practice makes perfect, so as I continue practicing until it becomes a habit, I hope to not overlook the progress that I’ve made. I saw a post on Instagram from an account that I follow that said…

“Why are you comparing your growth to others? Have they faced your obstacles? Did they have the same start? Do they have the same drive? The only way to determine true growth is by looking at where you started, and where you are now. You are a force to reckoned with. Challenge, Compete, Improve Yourself. ” – Glow With B

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Wrapped up in at all figuratively and physically with this new look. Can you believe that I almost gave this bodysuit away?! Ikr, what in the world was I thinking? The color is beautiful and it’s always been one of my favorites to wear. I’ve included it in my fall capsule and I can’t wait to show you guys all of the details of my capsule. This is just a light entry , but stay tuned for the reveal. I purchased this bodysuit eons ago. It’s one of those multiway tie bodysuits that you can literally tie so many ways. I love the versatility that it gives me. Each time that I wear it, I challenge myself to try and wear it a completely different way. I think that this is my third or fourth time wearing it and I really like this tie option. I’m such a fan of assymetric necklines, so I decided to give this style a whirl.

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I paired it with these super billowy beige pants that I got custom made, a pair of statement earrings, a black and gold belt, and some simple black heeled sandals. I’m a fan. Love the way that this look turned out! Leave me your comments below and let me know what you guys think. If you haven’t had the opportunity to join the crew, today is a great day to join. You can subscribe here, and get a FREE style download instantly sent to your inbox. You’ll also get first look at the latest looks and posts from HGG, style insider tips, 3 curated shopping picks just for you, and you’ll be able to ask me your burning style questions via the newsletter. So many perks, so much fun and it’s all inside of this link here. Get on the list! If you’re looking for more personalized help on how to build your fall/winter capsule I’m your girl. Let’s get you started on your personal style journey today. You can view my Wardrobe Services and pick your package, or schedule your FREE 15 min. Garb Chat here. Until next time, BE Guiltless about your Garb! See you guys next week!

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Style tip of the day

Planning protects your pockets. When you plan out your wardrobe for the season, you are more likely to budget for what you want or need instead of spending frivolously.

Her Guiltless Garb

Bodysuit: Boohoo (super old) / Pants: Custom made / Earrings: Zara /Sunnies: Ebay


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