The 2021 Reboot

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Heyyyyyy!! Ya’ll mad at me? I know, I know, I know…it’s been a LONG TIME. Let’s just say that mental health was more important then showing up. The world has shifted dramatically since I last wrote, so I hope that everyone is in good spirits. Let me lift them real quick if you’re not. Are you ready? Take a deep breath, close your eyes and meditate on these words that I’m about to tell you…Trump is out of office and our VP is a black woman…AMEN! Spirits lifted? I hope that brought a little light to your day. If you’re still feeling a little blah, which I definitely understand because I experience the mood A LOT, just try not to be too hard on yourself. Like Tabitha Brown says, “You’re doing the best that you can.” Actively trying to do something is much better than not doing it at all. So just remember that your effort is enough because God will take care of the rest. There’s so much that I want to talk about, but I’ll try to stay focused and just hit some key points. Here’s a bit of what’s new…

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As you can see, the hair is did, lol. Or was did. This was my Hawaii hair and I LOOOOVED my braids. Definitely not the last time that I’ll be getting this style. I recently took them down and gave my scalp and hair a good wash, so I’m back to the fro. These pictures were taken quite fresh after my return home. I had a great holiday in Hawaii with my family this past Christmas, and I thoroughly enjoyed my new do and the trip. I didn’t share many stories about my trip because I just really wanted to enjoy myself, but I did share a few clips. This was my first time going, and we were only there 3 nights, so if you want a little clip of some of what I saw and experienced, you can check out some of my latest reels on my Instagram page here.

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2021 got off to a rough start with the storming of the Capitol Building. However, we’ve rid ourselves of the tyrant that led, encouraged and provoked terrorism on our own soil. Let’s reboot this system ASAP! With that being said, let’s keep our hopes lifted to the sky and our heads bowed in prayer for positive and deliberate change. I’ve set some new goals for myself this year. We all do or try to, right? Some are personal and others are business related. Personally, I’ve set some internal goals for healing broken areas, making sure that my marriage is healthy and thriving, and getting fit and maintaining and active and healthier lifestyle overall. I started training with a virtual trainer post trip for 12 weeks, and although that I’m not training with her at this moment, I’ll be back soon on my zoom workouts 4 days a week, so that I can reach my goals. I despise working out, so this has really challenged me and pushed me mentally. Pray for me.

For my business and brand, I’m currently working on a little project that I hope is received well. I’m not going to say anything else about it, because this is even too much, so just be ready. I’m also incorporating and have already incorporated some exciting new tools to help streamline my client experience overall. My business is constantly evolving, so that’s not really a 2021 goal it’s a forever goal. I’m also the Brand Ambassador for 3 skincare brands! Skincare? Yes, boo skincare, lol. Aside from fashion, beauty reigns second with a big highlight on natural, holistic and organic skincare. Glowing with Ki, Essential Beauty Love and Good Molecules are the skincare brands that I’ll be sharing more about in my newsletters. I have discount codes for you to shop with Glowing With Ki & Essential Beauty Love. For Good Molecules I just have an affiliate link, but they’re products are UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE! These codes and link will provide me with a small commission if you use them. So if you do, thank you! It helps for me to continue to provide you with great content. Follow me on Instagram and check out my “Beauty Reviews” & “Glowing With Ki” highlight or sign up for my newsletter to get them!

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Now that you know a little about what’s been going on with me, let’s talk about this look…When I returned home, it was like Houston had froze. What the hell? Is this my city?? Seems like we experienced an almost 2 week cold front. This encouraged the beautiful and bountiful layering that you see. I was able to pull out my thrifted camel coat that I’ve never been able to wear. I purchased this the year before last, and I was like today is the day, mmkay! Underneath, I brought out more vintage gems like my faux fur vest and satin kimono that I always wear as a top. I’ve definitely styled this piece before. You can check it out here. I accessorized with more vintage gems with my gold and pearl clip ons that I purchased from one of my favorite Etsy vintage shops, and brought in some modern pieces to the look like my shades and chunky belt. For my bottoms, I separated these hunter green joggers from its matching counterpart for a comfy, but stylish look, and finished it off with a pair of simple nude sandals. Das it!

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What do you think? Leave your comments down below and let me know if you would try double layering. HGG Style Insiders, I love ya’ll! You guys are the real MVP’s because you’ve subscribed to ya girl, and you actually care about what I’m saying and doing! Ya’ll received this new post alert already coupled with a new style tip of the week with 3 ways to kill it, new shopping codes, 3 exclusive style picks and all of the other goodies that come along with being an HGG Style Insider. If you want to join, you’ll become one of my favorites too! Get in here! I hope that this post has helped you in more ways than one. Of course, it still goes down behind the scenes with Her Guiltless Garb the brand, so if you’re looking to hit the style refresh button this year, I’m definitely your girl! Take a look at my Wardrobe & Style Packages here. If you’re a brand seeking visual elevation, I got you! Click here to see how that I can better serve you. Until next time, be Guiltless about your Garb!

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Style Tip of the day

When you’re experiencing a cold front, utilize double layering to keep warm, but stay cute!

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Coat, Earrings, Vest and Top: Vintage / Belt: Kosmios (old) / Joggers: Ava Giselle Collection (Sold out, but similar style from her brand here)/ Sunglasses (old): Laced with Style (she has other styles here)

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