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I had an early beginning of understanding the elements of color, texture, art, and visuals. Blessed with the God-given talent of being able to draw, I found that my craft could be not only utilized on paper but it could be transformed and translated into utilizing whatever I decided as my canvas of choice. Elementary school started the reign of my love for personal style, as our Free Dress Fridays enabled me to express my love for art in the form of creative and colorful dressing. I went on to later start my career in fashion in 2006, where I obtained my first retail job that later blossomed into managing a number of retail locations. During this time, I quickly discovered the powerful impact that style had on women and how my knowledge, natural expertise, and a strong understanding of lines, shapes and how to manipulate them, could be coupled with creating a name for myself in the fashion world.

I set out to build Her Guiltless Garb by setting the foundation for success in obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Retail & Management from the Art Institute of Houston. I have dedicated my career to studying Fashion as science, business, the psychology behind women’s shopping habits, and understanding the foundation and importance of personal style.

2014, The year that Her Guiltless Garb began, my journey of putting forth my knowledge and skill in building my styling empire is steadily evolving. Today, I am engulfed in maintaining the wardrobes and personal style of many women through the use of personalized styling material, personal style strategies and plans and unmatched dedication. With the use of virtual technology, I am able to assist many women across the globe to discover their best style selves.

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