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Guilt-less: Free of guilt; innocent.
Garb:  A distinctive style or form of clothing; dress: clerical garb.
2.  An outward appearance; a guise***definitions retrieved from freedictionary.com***

Hey, girl! My name is Britney, and I am the owner and operator of Her Guiltless Garb, where I run a Wardrobe Consulting, Personal Styling and Closet Organization business. My sole purpose is creating you a wardrobe of superior quality and exquisite fashion substance. I am dedicated to providing you with a catered and individualized style experience, that’s based on your lifestyle, personal style aesthetic, wardrobe needs and budget. I listen, I create a strategy, execute, and aim to please.

 I have obtained a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Retail & Managment from the Art Institute of Houston and have over 9 years of retail experience dedicated to dressing women, over  5 years of retail management and learning how to own the business and implement the proper structural tools needed for success. I have dedicated my career to studying Fashion as a science, business, and understanding the foundation and importance of personal image. I have helped many women create wardrobes, curate the perfect look and de-clutter their unorganized closets. Read about a few of them here! With an organizational gift by nature, I have capitalized this gift by transforming it to help you not only create the perfect wardrobe but also to enhance and streamline the look and feel of your closet.

In addition to my Wardrobe Consulting business, I am also a personal style blogger.

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Why I do it

I’ve been fascinated with fashion and personal style ever since elementary school. I couldn’t wait until “Free Dress Fridays” which was a day that we were able to break free from the confinement of our boring uniform and wear whatever we wanted. I was so ready to show off my well thought out outfits, that I would literally spend all week creating the perfect look. I was so excited to be able to express my artsy flair and creativity through my various fashion choices. Soon, all of the girls wanted fashion advice as to what they should wear on our next Free Dress Day. I loved it then, and I adore it now…

A woman feels better when she dresses better. The cliche saying.” When you look good, you feel good” is really a way of life. Creating the wardrobe of your dreams and cultivating spaces that foster room for developing stylish looks can not only transform your outward appearance but can also catapult your inward perception of yourself into something amazing. I’ve seen women completely transformed just by enhancing their wardrobes. Creating the image you’ve always wanted can encourage you to feel confident enough to land that dream job, kick-start your career or just fulfill some stagnant goals…I’m down if you are!

Your personalized style session with me will guide you through developing your personal style, enhancing it or filling in your wardrobe gaps. Read about my Wardrobe Services, and pick your perfect package! If you don’t see what you’re looking for or need a more customized package, no problem! Contact me with your style specifics!

HGG’s Style Philosophy

Your style is a unique I.D. Your personalized,  signified and recognizable fashion preference,  that can define your ability to depict who you are as an individual without saying a word. Every woman should have the right to experience the liberating feeling of extraordinary style. In doing so, you can project confidence and absolute individuality, all while staying within budget. Style should be un-compromised, un-sacrificed, creative and most of all guiltless. Feeling good about what you buy, how you look in what you’ve bought and shopping fabulously within your means eliminates the regretful and dreaded buyers remorse.

Grab your Garb??

“Grab your Garb!” & “Grab your Garb and let’s walk the runway! “…You’ll see me include both of these taglines for either my outro in all of my blog posts or as my ending tagline under some of my photo text. What the heck does this mean though?  Well, I associate these phrases as such…You can pick your favorite and run with it!

  1. Often times when we see or hear something appalling, exciting or breathtaking, we place our hand on our chest, almost clutching our clothing. That’s the effect that you want to have on people when they see you walk into a room.  They’ll “Grab their Garb” in admiration of how fabulous you look. So tell them to “Grab your Garb!” honey because you came to play no games.
  2.    “Grab your Garb and let’s walk the runway” is about encouraging and supporting your fellow fashionista. It’s about building each other up and sharing the spotlight with them instead of trying to diminish the shine of one another. So when you prepare your outfit for the day aka grabbing your garb, and walk out into the world, which is your runway, you’ll encounter other women fabulously dressed.  Unite with them to slay the day in style as you walk the runway together!

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A few Fun Facts about me!

  • I hate smacking! It literally drives me nuts!
  • I have 1 sister and 5 brothers
  • I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl and recently took up painting with my boyfriend as a pastime. We’ve painted all of the artwork for our apartment.
  • I’ve always been engulfed in the Arts. I was in creative programs and classes starting from elementary school that focused on creative individuals talents. I was in this group called Odyssey of the Mind, where we would write, direct and produce our own plays, create our own props and backdrops and go to different schools around the Houston area to compete. We literally were so dope! I actually miss this. 
  • My favorite chips are Lays Kettle Cooked Jalapeno chips. I live for these!
  • I have an infatuation with sweets!! Particularly chocolate.  German Chocolate Cake and brownies are my top 2 favorites. My life is not complete unless I have something sweet every day.
  • As a little girl, I carried around books, paper, pens, pencils, markers, and colors with me everywhere. I loved to draw, read and write and was crazy about collecting different colored gel markers. I literally would stuff my pencil bags and cases with tons of these things!
  • I have a Pitbull and Jack Russel Terrier mix. Her name is Sadie and she’s bad, but very smart, lol.
  • You may think I own a lot of clothes, but I really don’t. I’ve mastered the concept of  Maximizing my Wardrobe. You’d be surprised at how many pieces I really own.
  • On one of my picture days in elementary school, my mother sent me to school to take pictures in a gold lame jumpsuit. Like, what? I hated that thing. I had to wear it as a hostess in my cousin’s wedding and I refused to wear it again. So, I packed a cute sleeveless, floral romper with bows on the straps to wear instead. When the pictures came, my mom was like, “I thought you wore the gold jumpsuit!” I convinced her that she let me wear the romper instead. 

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