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Personal Stylist Houston

  “Personal Style should be uncompromised, unsacrificed, creative and most of all guiltless… Every woman should have the right to experience the liberating feeling of extraordinary style!” – HGG

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Meet Your New Personal Stylist

Hey, there! My name is Britney, and I’m your new Wardrobe Consultant, Personal Stylist, Style Advisor & Counselor. I help real women with real budgets achieve real style results! That style slump that’s been plaguing your fashion life ends TODAY! Get ready to unveil, unleash and uncover your signature style with my Wardrobe & Styling packages. Completely transforming and elevating your style and space is just a few clicks away. I’ll equip you with the right tools and extend my wealth of knowledge to aid you in eliminating the constant need for more, teaching you how to shop smarter, intentionally, fashionably and GUILTLESSLY. If you’re ready to curate the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed about, I’m ready to teach you how.

Personal Stylist Houston

Your Style Tells A Story

What does your style say about you? Is it positively leading the conversation or are you straying away from conversations unconfidently dressed? Are you shopping guiltlessly and intentionally or are you still hiding underneath that heap of clothes, struggling to find that perfect outfit? 

No Style Direction + Unflattering Garments + Unintentional Shopping= Revolving Bad Style Choices & Nothing to Wear


Let  Me Create you a NEW & Improved Style Formula by 

    • Saving you Money & Time
    •  Teaching you how to Intentionally Shop without guilt or regret
    • Building your Wardrobe with the best basics & signature statements suited just for YOU
    • Editing your Wardrobe & Discovering how to Shop from Within
    • Teaching you how to Dress Your Body Type Fabulously
    • Streamlining and Merchandising your Fashion Space for easy retrieval of your favorite looks
    • Discovering your Signature Style & Ideally Suited Color Palette

    • Maximizing your Wardrobe 

& Most Importantly…

Creating Your own “Her Guiltless Garb” 


What Are They Saying About Her Guiltless Garb??

Personal Styling Houston

“…But the best part was walking into the dressing room and seeing the clothing choices she had picked out specifically for me displayed so beautifully. I felt like I was in one of those movies / TV shows like “The Devil Wears Prada” or “The Bold Type”…

– Kristina Newell, Houston, Texas 


Check out a Snippet from her Personal Shopping Session below!


Personal Styling Testimonials

We Provide The 7 Dimensional Service 

  • Your Inward Perception 
  • Your Outward Projection
  • Flattering Fits / Addressing your Body Shape or Type
  • Your Perfect Color Palette & Fabric Choices
  • Your Specified Budget 
  • Your Individual Lifestyle
  • Key Knowledge & Training 

Find out more HERE!


Ready to Build your Unapologetic Wardrobe with Guiltless Style? 

Let The Experience Begin 


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