Update on My Sustainable Style Journey: Pros & Cons

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Me and sustainable fashion…who would’ve really thought that I’d be here?! “Not I”, says the cat. The habitual shopper of fast fashion and fading trends, whose career seemed to be engrained in style, fashion and retail since birth, decided to give up the life of burning holes in her pockets, living a style life that wasn’t truly hers and constantly creating an endless pit of throw away style that screamed, “On to the newest thing!” What a story! In a sense, this took bravery. Seems almost superficial, but hear me out…I was used to having a lot of clothes. I had more than I needed and more than I ever wore, which caused me to constantly purge. What I found was that I was wasting my time, my money and the opportunity to create something that I truly loved. Something worth keeping. Something, well…sustainable.

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I previously shared my reasons for beginning this journey here, so if you missed it, get acquainted. Since then, I’ve come to know the struggles and freedom of sustainability and I wanted to share them with you. Overall, I think that in my time of entrepreneurship, with no 9-5, it’s allowed me to really put things into perspective. I’m more conscious because I have to be, but me being more conscious made me realize how much I really needed vs what was excess. I review my closet almost daily. Sometimes laying in the bed with the door open, perusing the more curated collection hanging on the wooden rails. I often make mental and written notes of what’s going next, what needs to be replaced, what I need and what I’ve worn the hell out of.

I would have to say that the most rewarding things for me on my journey have been…

  • Becoming a more conscious an intentional shopper. I’ve embodied this before I went sustainable as a part of my personal style and business culture, but sustainability pushed it completely over the top.
  • Frequently browsing thrift and vintage shops to feed the eclectic, creative and colorful nature of my style. This also created some differentiation between me and lots of other bloggers because, after a while, things start to look the same, the lines get blurred and so many Instagram pages begin to mirror each other.
  • Being a part of a community and cause that’s bigger than me and plays a vital role in the lives of every living being on the planet.
  • Discovering freedom in letting go of what people would think or think of me and my style choices, repeating outfits or not always having something new to present on the blog.
  • Pushing my creativity to the limit and opening up my mind to other options that didn’t include countless hauls, blasting trend reports and trying to convince you to buy something.
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All great and wonderful things! Then, there are cons to my journey. As with everything, there are cons, struggles or better yet, things to overcome. There will come a time when these things won’t be as prevalent, but since I’m new to this, I’m still working out the kinks. Now, I can’t speak for the community as a whole because I’m just one person, but these are just some of the things that have become difficult for me…

  • Finding sustainable brands that really speak to my unique style. I’ve found brands that I love that are sustainable, ethical, green, etc. but the majority of them offer a very clean, minimalistic style that I appreciate and can and will rock, but sometimes I need a little more flavor. I’ve gravitated more towards vintage for this, which has helped, but vintage is a gamble. Sizing isn’t readily available, but I can’t lie…I kinda love the hunt.
  • This one is kind of like a double-edged sword. I’ve found a lot of brands that are affordable, but the majority of the brands that I gravitate towards are expensive. I get it! I completely understand why things cost more, but sometimes I want to get something really nice and not pay $400. In a sense, with the price points where they are, it kinda makes you wait. It makes you really consider what it is that you’re buying. You don’t acquire lots of things, instead, you buy the one thing that you truly love and then so on and so forth. It’s teaching me, changing my shopping habits and I love it and dislike it, lol.
  • Polyester! Lord, help! Every single thing is made of polyester, lol. It haunts me and although I’ve done pretty well with resisting the urge to purchase it even if I really love something, I think about the bigger picture. Polyester has this deceiving factor where sometimes it can look quite decent, but other times it looks extremely cheap. I still own polyester; 100% and mixed materials. I kept all of the pieces that I truly knew that I was wearing. There still are a handful of pieces that I could let go, but I’m giving myself a few months to see if and how many times I wear them. With this, even with thrift and vintage shopping, I find myself looking at every tag. I pretty much know what everything in my wardrobe is made of. This is NOT a bad thing, but what I struggle with is really knowing if buying polyester secondhand is better or considered sustainable. In my previous post, I stated that it was better because I was saving it from ending up in the landfill. I still believe this, but I’ve read articles and blogs that say something different. So, the jury is still out on this one. I’m still figuring out what instead works best for me. I’ve completely avoided acrylic, but when it gets a bit colder and cuter sweaters start popping up in colorways that I want, I think that it’ll be a different problem, lol.
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Well, there you have it! Pros, cons, struggles, strides…you get the gist. If you’re considering this journey or have any questions about it, please please share! I would love to engage in some dialogue and get some feedback on what you may be experiencing. If you’re considering it, why are you and what fears do you have, if any?

Before I leave you, I’ll give you a brief synopsis on this little look I threw together. I thrifted this skirt that I almost missed out on because I left it the first time I went. After purchasing some things on my fall wishlist, this skirt caught my eye. Bold, bright, my color palette, vintage and a modern silhouette with the side buttons. I loved it, no doubt. Tried it on, loved it, but still left it. Why? It wasn’t on my list, lol. Intentional shopping can do that. I got home, couldn’t stop thinking about it, brought my husband back up there with me, tried it on for him and he loved it. I thought about 3 ways to style it: Now, and for the fall and winter. I thought about some great ideas, so long story short, you’ll definitely see it again!

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It’s still blazing hot in Houston. No signs of fall with the 100-degree weather, so I paired it with a linen button-down that I fixed off the shoulder and tied and tucked in the front. I loved the contrast of the white and this beautiful skirt paired together. I decided to go metallic for shoes and accessories to add a little glam to the look and there you have it! Thrifted and thriving!

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Style Tip of the day

We all can play a part in making sure that our planet thrives while we’re here. The smallest ripples lead to the biggest waves, so just being more intentional about what you’re purchasing so that you’re not creating so much waste can play a big part in a major cause.

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Top: H&M Conscious / Skirt: Thrifted / Heels: Kosmios / Earrings: Target

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