Fall-ing Again

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Fall isn’t here yet, but it’s just around the river bend. How are you preparing your wardrobe for the seasonal switch? Have you considered ways to easily transition your favorite summer pieces? Are you starting to build your fall capsule or curating a specific color scheme for your fall-themed wardrobe? Or are you winging it as the days go by, hoping that the weather doesn’t throw you a curveball? Because we all are from different cities and states around the globe, our preparation could most definitely look and feel different from one another. There are so many videos, reels, and blog posts on how to transition into fall, but most often they are catered to cities who actually experience a true fall. Although helpful, they don’t provide all-encompassing tips that anyone can benefit from. I don’t know about you, but I won’t be wearing knee-high boots or busting out any sweaters next week. No matter what, something that is always a constant with the coming of this season is that the leaves begin to turn brown and fall from the trees. Life is once again going through the cycle of renewing and restoring itself. It’s Fall-ing again.

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I shared 3 Tips on How to Fake Fall in Hotter Cities, in my last newsletter. Unfortunately, if you weren’t signed up before it dropped, you missed out on those gems. Most of my top tips are exclusively designated for email subscribers only. If you don’t want to miss the next one, you can get on the list here! A new one drops every Sunday at 12 pm. I also just created an Instagram reel with 3 simple, easy, and practical tips that are dedicated to this topic. Although specifically dedicated to those who live in hotter climates, these tips can also be utilized by those of you who actually experience true fall weather. Check it out here. I will however leave you with this one tip. This tip follows suit with today’s post, which is to usher in the season with longer hemlines.

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Longer lengths and hemlines are always a good indication of cooler weather aka Fall, but your fabric of choice will dictate how hot or cool that you actually will be. Just because you go longer, doesn’t mean that it has to be heavy, thick, chunky, or fuzzy. Think light, airy and breezy layers that still cover to give the appearance of fall, but provide the airiness that you need for lingering summer temperatures. If you’re looking for some specific fabric choices to easily transition into fall with hotter temperatures in mind, check out my ebook, The Ultimate Fabric & Clothing Care Guide. I give you a comprehensive list of fabrics for each season, and even in transitional periods where you’re not quite sure what the weather is doing. It’s a gem and a great source of wardrobe advice. Get your copy here!

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This new vintage skirt was the inspiration for my color palette this upcoming fall. I based it strictly off all of these rich and saturated, but moody colors. You can take a look at my fall color palette below. Last fall I really didn’t focus on much color. I wore mostly neutrals with pops of red and burgundy. I’m excited to see the final product of my fall capsule when it’s all pulled together. I’ll be sharing a picture of it when it’s all done, so stay tuned to my social media for the reveal. I decided to pair my skirt with this camel bodysuit that I’ve worn before. I loved the warm shade against all of these sultry colors. To accessorize, I amped it up with layered vintage belts, thick gold hoop earrings and a simple pair of gold heels. These have really been my go to shoe for lots of my recent outfits. They’re easy, simple and chic. The perfect addition to my colorful looks.

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Leave your comments or questions below in the comment section. If you’re looking for a more personalized approach to figuring out the madness that is curating a workable and flexible fall capsule, let’s schedule your FREE 15 min. Garb Chat to discuss a style package that will work best for your style situation. Schedule your call here! You can also take a look at my Wardrobe Services to familiarize yourself with the types of services that I offer. Until next time, thank you so much for joining me back on the blog today. I appreciate your time and support. As always, Be Guiltless about your Garb!

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Style Tip of the day

When thinking about ways to bring in the new season with hotter temperatures in mind, consider things that make sense for you to wear, but may lend more towards the mood or feel of the fall season. It’ll help you gage your wardrobe a bit better when deciding exactly how to build your fall capsule.

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Bodysuit: Jluxlabel / Skirt & Belts: Vintage / Earrings: Ellie Vail

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