After the Dust Cleared…

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After the dust cleared…here I am. It’s been 4 months! 4 months since I last wrote a blog post, and since then, globally, we’ve all been affected by a pandemic that has sheltered us in place for months at a time. Wow! I’m sure that there will be books titled, “I lived through a Pandemic,” on shelves soon. The cliche sayings, “The world is opening back up,” or “Outside is opening up,” is slowly but surely happening. Some people are overjoyed to go back to sitting down at their favorite restaurant, but I can’t help but feel the anxiety of really congregating again. Honestly, I feel like much didn’t change for me. I’ve always been a homebody. I’ve always enjoyed solitude quite a bit. For some, it was intense, but for me, it was…normal. There were some memes or message grams floating around about being productive during quarantine, and although I feel like no one should be judged for how they spent their time through this whole thing because our mental capacities and stabilities are all different, I do feel that putting your mind and hands to something productive can take the strain off of living through what we all did.

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I’ve always considered myself to be a hard worker because well, I always work hard, but I found myself pushing myself more creatively. I woke up every day and worked. I started creating YouTube videos, updated my entire site and wrote my first eBook to name a few things, which was one of my long time goals. It wasn’t the first one that I planned on writing, but God dropped it in my spirit, so it became a reality. Is it perfect, no, but I’m pretty proud of it. I felt accomplished by completing it and I guess you can say that that’s important, right? You can check it out here if you’re interested. All in all, I’ve learned some things about myself that I didn’t really realize until the dust cleared a bit. Being wrapped up in it all, you don’t really see what’s truly going on until the ambiguous clouds start to fade away, and you’re really able to reflect.

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Here are 3 Things that I Learned about Myself during Quarantine:

Lesson #1: “I can’t” is not something that I settle for.

I’ve always had more time than money and more creativity than anything else. Creating is my safe place. My place where I can really just be free to express myself however I want. Being an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneur in a field that was nonessential during a quarantine, forced me to get over my hang-ups and fears of doing things that I wanted or needed to do. I guess I can attribute this to my stubbornness, but I always figure it out and get it done. I feel like I have to because pushing myself in situations where I feel like I don’t have all of what I need to be successful or the money to pay someone to guide me through, but still getting it done is pretty rewarding.

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Lesson #2: When my back is against the wall, I create.

The way that God wired me is kinda genius, lol. In normal situations, day to day, I create. In a world crisis, I create, but more intentionally. It’s almost crazy. If you’re a creative, you know that when things are forced, if we’re stressed or pushed into a corner to do something and it doesn’t come naturally, then our creative juices don’t flow as fluid. We need a certain type of place where we can dig deep and fully immerse ourselves in our work. We have to be in a space that cultivates inspiration, because it breathes life into our souls to dive into our colorful worlds in our heads. We often need that in order to perform at optimal creativity. Although my space didn’t change or spark more inspiration, my mindset did. I thought less about the world’s dilemma and more about sharpening my skills, pushing my creativity further, expanding my reach and learning as much as I could. How was I so calm during it all? He gave me peace in the middle of a storm.

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Lesson #3: I can create more content than I thought at home

I wouldn’t consider myself a perfectionist, but if you ask someone who knows me, they’ll probably disagree. I just always say that I want things to be right. I feel like that’s acceptable enough to not post content that I’m not happy with because I’ll end up deleting it or archiving it anyway. I seriously try my best not to obsess over my content because there is definitely more to life than curated feeds, but then I tend to look at it as an extension of myself, and the way that I present myself to others is important to me. Even though I believe that my feed isn’t all that curated like most, it definitely reflects my eclectic style personality which is often hard to fit into one scheme, box, or filter. So, I just focus on what I really love and want to share.

If you follow me, then you know that most of my content is professionally taken. It took me a while to get into the whole creating at home content thing, but when I finally did, I wasn’t too mad at it. I was able to get a bit creative with a small garage set, and start utilizing spaces in the house our outside to take pictures. For me to have been on Instagram as long as I have, I should have more content than I do. I often think that what I don’t like, my audience won’t like either. I still don’t feel like I know what my audience wants entirely because crowd participation is always something that is scarce for me. Do they really care to see me fluffing my hair or singing to a camera I think to myself?? I mean, do you, lol? I guess that goes back to authenticity and just allowing myself to show more of me in my element more often. Whatever element that is, feel comfortable and free to show that. Anything can be content. As long as I feel that it’s providing value, aligns with my brand, and makes sense to my audience, I should release the anxiety about posting.

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Whether quarantine brought out the best or worst in you, I think that we can all say that we learned something about ourselves. I’d love to hear about any lessons that you’ve learned throughout your time in solitude. If you’re anxious to share, I’m all ears! Chime in, in the comments below. If you aren’t subscribed to my email list, I think its time to jump on. You’re here, you’re interested, it’s free and you get a free style download just for joining me! Click here to get on the list! I’m still servicing some amazing women through The HGG Experience, so if you’re seeking personal styling or wardrobe consulting, let’s chat! You can check out my services here and then begin the booking process or schedule a FREE 15 min. Garb Chat here. If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, we’re live with valuable fashion content. Make sure that you Subscribe to stay updated with new videos. You can also visit my video tab to watch, but sometimes I forget to add them, so it’s best to Subscribe! The last thing, make sure that you’re following me on both of my social media pages. There’s my main page @herguiltlessgarb where I feature more of myself, outfit inspiration, videos, and style tips, then there’s my second page @herguiltlessgarbexp where I feature DAILY style and wardrobe tips, videos and client work.

If you were just here for the outfit, details are below. 😊 Until next time, Grab your Garb!

Style Tip of the day

Live your style truth. Whatever that is, embrace it whole heartedly.

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