A Very Vintage Fall: Styling a Popular Fall Must Have

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The fall is here! Houston had a 54-degree evening the other day and my husband and I both nearly geeked! Everything just suddenly felt more cozy and comfortable and we smiled like two children waiting to open up their presents on Christmas morning. We even went so far as turning off our fan in our bedroom that permanently stays on, and let the window up to catch all of the cool air through the window vent. Ahhhhh…pure heaven! If you live in a hotter climate where it’s hot, hotter and hot as hell all year round, you learn to appreciate the little things. With the ushering of slightly cooler air in the coming days after that night, I started to really consider if my wardrobe was completely ready. It’s not, but what I do know is that one of Falls hottest trends, the belted blazer, was on my mind.

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If you’ve been following me for quite some time then you know that my wardrobe doesn’t depict the “on-trend” girl who’s giving you fashion show realness every day. Even as a stylist, trends are really something I believe in practicing to omit from the discovery of your personal style. Once you start, it’s hard to get off the trend bus, so I strive to preach a different style song of just being you. It’s quite simple really. If there were no trend forecasters, no magical person in fashion heaven that predicted what you were going to wear and how you were going to wear it, what would you be wearing? Would it be from 2 seasons ago, 3 seasons ago or perhaps something that the world has yet to see or even truly understand…think about it for a minute and get back to me.

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So, how did the blazer, one of the hottest pieces for fall end up on my back? Here’s the short answer, It’s a classic, it provides warmth in cooler temps and I needed a neutral one in my wardrobe. I’ve always been a fan of blazers. I ‘ve always loved the way that it instantly elevated the American uniform, the t-shirt, and jeans, into a street style look worth coveting. If you look back at some of my outfits, you’ll notice that I never really wore many. There’s only one that fits me that I purchased from Platos Closet and you can see how I styled it here. Why? This one had enough stretch to accommodate my extra flab of unwanted skin. I was cursed with insanely huge arms that always excluded me from wearing the ones that I really wanted to buy. As I have gained weight, my arms have grown and it made it even harder to find ones that fit me how I needed them too. The classic sleeve cut of a blazer is always cut straight, which doesn’t really flatter or fit a larger arm. I lusted after so many for so long until I said, I need one and I’m getting one.

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I made a fall wishlist, which I’m still using to continuously build my wardrobe, and on there was a plaid, neutral-colored blazer. I lucked up on this one at a Texas Thrift store and couldn’t have been happier with the color, quality, and style. It’s definitely a vintage blazer with a large white tag and a carefully sewn label hanging from its back collar. Simply perfection! I was able to find 2 on this shopping trip and I believe I paid $12 for both of them on a 50% off day. The arms fit a bit tighter than I would like, but I can move around quite comfortably and when I get rid of the extra, they’ll be perfect! Keeping in with the theme of vintage, one of my favorite things, I decided to create a look that’s true to my style, a mix of old and new. I brought in a little glam with a creamy satin kimono top that was a part of a lounge set that I thrifted a while back. I have no ideas about what has happened to the pants, but this top is gold! I belted it with a large beige belt with an ornate gold buckle to define my waist. I kept it simple with some wide leg crops that I’ve styled before here and a pair of metallic gold sandals to keep the look feeling luxe. The unexpected but finishing touch was my retro-inspired, yellow-tinted sunnies that took the vintage feel into overdrive!

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I’m pretty happy with the way that this look turned out. Leave me your thoughts and your comments below! You’ll be seeing more blazers from me as I add them intentionally to my wardrobe, so stay tuned for more of Britney in blazers. Speaking of blazers, if you missed my new series, Garb on the Go, that I introduced last week, I’m talking about the black blazer. I created a beautiful pdf full of style tips, outfit examples for the day, night and every day, so if you want to get your hands on this FREE style guide, all you have to do is Subscribe. Das it! It’ll be sent straight to your inbox and you’ll keep getting them as I roll out new topics! If you want to keep up with me daily, social media is where I hang, so follow me on my social media platforms below. If you desire more personalized help on curating your very own blazer collection, visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package. Last but not least, I started my new YouTube journey! You can catch my latest videos directly on the site here, and don’t forget to Subscribe to the channel to stay updated with my newest video drops. Until next time, Grab your Garb!

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