When Alterations Make the Difference

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In order for something to work, I mean truly work, sometimes you have to alter what it is in order to make it fit your particular needs or desires. In life, we often have to make the necessary adjustments that are not always easy or enjoyable but may render us positive results in the future. I’m learning that the alterations that need to be made in life are much similar to my experiences with altering my clothing. Let me explain…

Summer jumpsuit

It all started with a jumpsuit that I pinned to one of my Pinterest boards that I obsessed over. I never really expected to find it because who really finds these images in real life, lol? If you do, they’re always insanely expensive. While quickly browsing through Asos, my eyes enlarged as I focused in on my pinned jumpsuit at an affordable price. The same color, with minor differences in pant length, I was sold! Click, add to cart, purchase! I ordered a size that I felt like would possibly work which was a 12, but I tend to always try to order a size up in jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are much like jeans in that they are very personal. Every cut isn’t for every body type, so it may take a few tries to find your perfect fit. When the piece arrived, the fit was very off, unflattering and it was indeed not a guiltless purchase. It sat in my closet for over a month until I finally decided to reach out to Asos to see if I could return it for store credit. After being convinced by my photographer to keep it, I consulted with my seamstress to make some alterations.

The jumpsuit started off as pants but ended up as a cropped wide leg (my favorite silhouette) with a large cuffed bottom. The top started off as a tube top that laid awkwardly and was extremely ill-fitting on my bust size, so we decided on a more flattering halter neck style which flatters a small bust. The fabric that was cut from the legs was salvaged to create the straps. The hips were very wide and made me look like a potato sack, so she took them in a bit more so that they fit closer to my body. After these adjustments, I felt more comfortable and confident in this piece. The alterations accrued an additional fee, but the result was well worth the extended time and money.

I’m no stranger to alterations or custom pieces, but every time I get something altered, it always is this process that makes me really think about my life and how many alterations I’ve had to make to get better results. As it is a never-ending adjustment of my thoughts, my actions, my surroundings, and my space, as hard as it is or annoying as it may be, it has to be done. I’m working through the adjustments. They haven’t quite yielded the results that I hope for, but as with the alteration process, it is a process and you must first consult with a professional to assist you in the result that you want. I’m still struggling with my consultation with God, so I’m at the beginning phase of the alterations in my life. My photographer reminded me to not give up when she suggested alterations. As much as I talk to my seamstress, you would think that I would know to do that, but the truth if the matter was, I just wanted to give up…

For my look, I decided to go complimentary and cinched in my waist with a red belt. I further accessorized with a printed scarf that I found while thrifting, tied it in my hair as a bow, and finished my look off with a pair of fun statement earrings. For the first time ever, I went barefoot for a real summer vacation vibe, which I quite liked. From guilty to guiltless, the alterations changed my feelings completely. Have you considered alterations? If so, what piece have you altered and are you currently wearing it? I’d love to hear your feedback below. Thank you for joining me back on the site! If you haven’t Subscribed, join the crew before you leave. If you’re looking for more personalized help on your alteration journey, visit my Wardrobe Services and pick your package! Until next time, Grab your Garb!

Style Tip of the day

Alterations can become costly depending on what you get, so make certain that whatever your plans are for the piece that you’re altering, that you will get the wear out of it that you hoped for.

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Jumpsuit: Asos (custom alterations made by my seamstress / Belt: Asos / Earrings: Asos / Scarf: Value Village

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  1. You look gorgeous! Your alterations made this jumpsuit killer. Also, I just found you blog and I love that you actually write in your blog posts and not just have pictures. It makes for a better blogging experience for me as a reader and blogger.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by love! I appreciate the support and I really love that you’re still one of the ones that actually enjoy the purpose of a blog, which is to write. It seems like nowadays nobody wants to read anymore and are getting away from traditional blog writing. It’s good to know that there’s someone that still feels the way that I do! Make sure you Subscribe to stay updated with new posts! I send out weekly emails and you get Free perks for signing up!

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