Personal Styling

So maybe you’ve already identified your personal style choices and you just need a little more help piecing your items together. You know what you want to look like but can’t seem to pull the perfect look for that special occasion or event together. If you identify with these questions below…

  • Do you have a special event or occasion that you’re attending and you have to look your absolute best?
  •  No time to shop due to a hectic schedule?
  • An upcoming photo shoot, wedding, anniversary shoot or holiday party that you need the perfect outfit for?
  • Have a bunch of clothes, but no idea how to put them together?

Then this service is for you! You will be asked to complete a style questionnaire which will be sent you upon booking, to better aid me in your selection process. Please email your questionnaire to upon completion. This service may be treated as a shopping service for an entirely new outfit, or an in-home service where outfit/s will be created with existing pieces in your wardrobe.

What is Personal Styling????? Personal Styling is more about event styling. In this service, you will be personally selected an outfit/s by me for your specified occasion, event or its intended use. This service is best suited for individuals who already have identified their preferable style choices and just need further assistance with piecing an outfit together. I will personally shop for the best suitable outfit to fit your needs, style, and budget. You will not have to accompany me on this shopping trip and pictures of selected items will be sent to you via text on your shopping day, to verify your satisfaction of these items before purchasing. We will discuss the shopping day so that you will be aware of when I will be sending you images.  Items will not be purchased without approval. I will select items that are best suited for the sizes and measurements given, however, if the items selected do not fit your liking, all purchases made will be documented with corresponding receipts and will be collected and saved for your records. You may have the option of returning/ exchanging the items yourself or by me for an extra fee. If you are requesting this service and you do not live in Houston, these items will be shipped to your designated address but will require an additional shipping fee. All stores have different exchange/ return policies, so if you are opposed to exchange only shopping, please let me know. 

Requirements before service can be rendered:

  • $25 phone consultation or $35 in-person consultation (Phone consultation only, for out of state clients)
  • Completion of style questionnaire

Additional Service:

  • $45 Return/Exchange Fee

What this service includes:

  • Outfit/s personally selected for your event or occasion with budget and style in mind
  • An expert personal shopper that’s dedicated to providing you with the best
  • Complimentary delivery of items to your house if the inside of the 20-mile perimeter limit. A fee will be assessed if outside of this perimeter. (Contact me for details)


Please contact me below for more information and service pricing.


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