Step 1: The Closet Edit

To begin your wardrobe rehaul and to lay the foundation for defining your personal style journey, it’s always pertinent to start with a clear direction of what your current style is, and pinpoint what you would like for your new style to reflect. In order to achieve that, a closet edit or clean out must be the first step in your process of a style transformation. If you ask yourself these questions….

  •  Am I hoarding unnecessary items that I no longer wear? 
  • Do the pieces that I own reflect my current lifestyle?
  • Do I own all of the foundation pieces of building a functional and working wardrobe? 
  •  What pieces am I missing in my closet?
  • Am I able to properly fit all of the pieces in my closet?
  • Do I struggle with pulling together looks?

If you answered yes to all or any of the above, then this service is definitely for you!

What is a Closet Edit???? A Closet Edit is essentially a closet clean out and wardrobe edit. During this service, we will sift, sort and discover your supplemental wardrobe items. We will go through your entire wardrobe and purge dated items, items that no longer fit properly and decide rather or not tailoring is an option, discover items that you no longer wear and identify items that are damaged and need repairing. If you decide to donate any of your unwanted items, I will personally transport them to a donating facility. You will be required to be engaged and present during this service, as we will have tons of fun material to cover. I know this service can create separation anxiety, but trust me, we’ll get through it together. I promise your stress level will reduce after the process is complete. This service can also be combined with the Closet Organization Service, for a complete rehaul of your entire wardrobe and closet space. If you desire this custom package, please select this option from the drop-down menu from the form on this page. Further details will be sent to you via email.

Requirements before service can be rendered:

  • Phone consultation to confirm the date and time of your closet edit service. This can also be discussed via email if desired.
  • $25 Appointment fee to reserve your spot

What this service includes:

  • A complete personalized Style Workbook including Q&A worksheets, Clothing Description Terminology, Staple Items List with 25 outfit examples & Personal Shopping List
  • A complete closet purge of all wardrobe related items that no longer fit into your lifestyle
  • Transportation of donated items to a donating facility of your choice if desired
  • Targeted style tips on how to style pieces in your existing wardrobe, how to maximize your wardrobe, discover what’s missing in your wardrobe and create a specific shopping list and more
  • Development of  how to curate the perfect outfits


Please contact me below for more information and service pricing.


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