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To begin your wardrobe overhaul and to lay the foundation for defining your personal style journey, it’s always pertinent to start with a clear direction of what your current style is, and pinpoint what you would like for your new style to reflect. In order to achieve that, a closet edit or cleanout must be the first step in your process of a style transformation.

The Closet Edit Session will…

  • Take you on a personalized style journey of renewing and refreshing your current wardrobe with more suitable pieces that speak your preferred style language
  • Leave you with a clear style direction and equip you with the tools and knowledge to begin rebuilding or adding to your wardrobe beautifully
  • Educate you on building outfits and creating a stress-free zone that will enable you to easily pull together great looks every morning.

If you…

  • Are hoarding unnecessary items that you no longer wear 
  • Are unsure if the pieces that you own correlate with your current lifestyle
  • Are unsure if your core wardrobe pieces are present for securing your foundation and building a functional and working wardrobe 
  •  Are missing key pieces in your wardrobe and struggle with closet connectivity
  • Struggle with pulling together looks 

Then this service is definitely for you


What is a Closet Edit????

 A Closet Edit is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and your wardrobe. Your foundation will be reset and your feelings about your style will be renewed with this essential closet cleanout and complete wardrobe rehaul. During this service, we will sift, sort, separate and discover your supplemental wardrobe items. We will explore your entire wardrobe with the help of a personalized workbook, purge dated items, items that no longer fit properly and decide rather or not tailoring is an option, discover items that you no longer wear, items that no longer suit you or your new style direction and identify items that are damaged and need repairing. With the new style direction, your wardrobe will be taking, you’ll be ready to take on the world with a new style attitude! 

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  • A Personalized Style Workbook that will be utilized throughout the rendering of your service
  • Style Questionnaire
  • A complete closet purge of all wardrobe related items that no longer fit into your lifestyle and new style direction
  • Transportation of donated items to a donating facility of your choice if desired
  • Targeted style tips on how to style pieces in your existing wardrobe, how to maximize your wardrobe, discover what’s missing in your wardrobe and the opportunity to create a specific and targeted shopping list for your style needs
  • Digital Style Book of 25 Curated outfits from your session, along with 9 online shopping links in the low, mid and high range of 3 items in your personalized shopping list
  • Identifying & Development of your personalized style formula
  • Style X-ray & Surgery Session
  • Personalized mood board creation 
  • 1-hour photoshoot session with a photographer affiliated with The Her Guiltless Garb brand
  • Digital Makeup Artist Directory with special client discounts
  • Follow up style advice for 1 week after your service has concluded
  • Mini color analysis, body type discovery with suitable styles
  • FREE Guiltless Wardrobe Checklist & How to Measure Yourself Guide

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